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What is the purpose of secondary storage?
Secondary storage is used for permanent storage.
Which memory address is always assigned to the first instruction in the ROM BIOS startup program?
The first physical sector in any bootable hard disk contains
Which of the following Registry keys stores the entire system settings?
Alice, a user in the Sales department, started her computer running on Windows XP, but it failed to start. She had informed that she temporarily installed a new application a week back and uninstalled it a couple of days later and everything was working fine till now. You try to boot using the Last Known Good Configuration but Windows XP still fails to start. You want to bring this computer back to a working state as quickly as possible. Which of the following should you try next?
Boot in Safe Mode and revert to a previous System Restore Point
Which command prompt utility allows you to display the versions of the current OS running?
What is the name for the first 64 KB of Extended Memory?
High Memory Area
Network interface card
A customer complains because he has been put on hold several times. What should you do?
Apologize for the inconvenience
The power supply in the PC is excessively dirty. How would you clean it?
Compressed air
What do you use to check for line-voltage sags?
Polarity tester
What do you use to check for line surges?
line anyalzer
The purpose of a line analyzer is
to warn of voltage spikes
The hard drive makes a grinding noise. The cause is probably
HDI (Head-to-Disk Interface)
How would a bad 4-ampere fuse measure?
Infinitely high
The farad is the basic unit of measurement for:
The best uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and standby power supplies (SPS) produce which of the following output waveforms?
Sine Waves
When using an ohmmeter:

a) remove power to the circuit before attaching the meter
b) you must physically break the circuit to insert the ohmmeter
c) connect the meter in series with the component being measured
d) power must be applied to the circuit under test
a) remove power to the circuit before attaching the meter
You replaced your customer's motherboard. Before returning the unit to the customer, what should you do?
Run setup
A customer calls and tells you that the cable you just sent him was defective. What do you do?
Replace it
A customer complains that the company that manufactured his computer is incompetent. What do you tell him?
Find out why he thinks that
A customer calls and says that his computer keeps dying. After taking the customer's name, what sequence of questions should you ask?
Computer type, what the problem is, number of times it has occurred, set up an appointment
A customer complains that the printer you just returned after being serviced has a broken paper tray. What do you do?
Send out a replacment paper tray
A customer calls and complains that the computer you just serviced is still not working properly. What do you do?
appologize and offer to reservice or replace the compiter
A customer calls and complains that the computer you just returned after being serviced is missing a power cord. What do you do?
send out a power cord
A customer complains that his laptop computer has lost the time and date information. What do you do?
have him charge the laptop and run setup
Which of the following is least likely to be affected by a virus?

a) Floppy disk
b) Hard drive
c) BIOS in ROM
d) A file in RAM
A disgruntled customer is critical of the company that made his equipment, what do you do?

Inquire as to why he feels that way and how you can help
A virus is detected and successfully removed from a customer's PC. What additional action should be taken to prevent re-infection?
Scan media from when virus came
Which of the following statements is false?

a) You can feel any electrostatic discharge strong enough to damage an IC.
b) An IC is still susceptible to ESD damage even when properly mounted on a circuit board
c) ESD damage may not cause component failure until days or weeks after the actual ESD incident occurs
d) A simple act such as walking across the floor may generate static electricity levels high enough to cause ESD damage
a) You can feel any electrostatic discharge strong enough to damage an IC.
Which is incorrect? An electrostatic potential too small to be felt by a human:

a) may still be high enough to damage an IC
b) cannot harm a properly installed IC
c) may be caused by simply walking across a floor
d) may damage a component so that the actual failure does not occur until weeks or months later
b) cannot harm a properly installed IC
A wrist grounding strap contains a:

a) resistor
b) capacitor
c) transistor
d) diode
a) resistor
Using the computer chassis as a ground is most effective when:
b) the computer is still plugged into the AC outlet

Upon arriving at a site, a customer tells you that you are not welcome here. He is used to working with Bill, and only wants Bill working on his systems. What should you do?
Contact manager and explain situation

You have been on the phone with a user in a remote office for 30 minutes troubleshooting their minor desktop problem. No matter how many times you explain the solution to them, they do not understand what you are saying. What should you do?
suggest you to someone else, or their manager
While on a service call at a customer site, you are discussing the problem with the customer when your cell phone rings. You are not currently expecting any important work-related phone calls. What is the most professional way to handle the situation?
send it to voicemail
The internet is an example of which type of network?
What is the suggested maximum number of pcs in a peer-to-peer network?
Which method of data transfer allows information to be sent and recieved at the same time
Full Duplex
Which dotted decimal number is used to distinguish the network portion of an IP address from the host portion?
subnet mask
What cable is a commonly choice for use with Ethernet networks?
What type of memory is used in laptops
Error 13 error on a laser printer
paper jam
Error 50 error on a laser printe
fuser overheated
Error 24 error on a laser printer
memory full
Error 16 error on a laser printer
low toner
In Windows XP, which of the following utilities is used to partition the disk ?
Disk Management
Which of the following commands is used when trying to write a new boot sector to the system partition when using the Windows XP Recovery Console ?
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