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In order for the roll spoilers to extend in the ground mode on landing, what conditions must be confirmed.
1.  The FLIGHT/TAXI switch is in the FLIGHT (up) position.
2.  Both power levers are at or aft of the FLIGHT IDLE gate.
3.  A weight on wheels signal must be received from both main landing gear.
When does the flap auto pitch trim function? (4)
1.  Between flaps 15° and 35° (up or down).
2.  Airspeed less than 200 knots.
3.  Autopilot not engaged.
4.  Not operating the manual pitch trim.
With regard to the aileron trim adjustment, what must you keep in mind while parked at the gate?
Attemping to adjust the aileron trim with the control lock engaged could result in damage to the aileron system.
Describe how the spoiler system is controlled and powered.
The spoilers are mechanically controlled and hydraulically powered.
If the autopilot is engaged when you move the elevator trim switch, what will happen?
The autopilot will disconnect.  Followed by an aural tone and message on the PFD.
When will the automatic pitch trim disengage? (3)
1.  If the manual pitch trim is used.
2.  Weight on wheels
3.  Airspeed greater than 200 knots.
What does the control lock do?
The control lock only affects the ailerons.
Describe the aileron system.
The ailerons are mechanically controlled and operated.  The right aileron is equipped with a ground adjustable trim tab.
When one of the following caution lights illuminates:
What should be done?
Do not exceed 200 knots.
What lights will illuminate when the plane lands?
ROLL INBD & ROLL OUTBD lights will illuminate next to the FLIGHT/TAXI switch.
Where are the trim tabs for the ailerons?
There are not any trim tabs on the ailerons.
Describe the elevator system.
The elevator is mechanically controlled and hydraulically powered.
What happens if the elevator trim switch stick or is held for more than three seconds?
  • Clacker will sound.
  • The elevator trim shutoff switchlight illuminates.  Pushing the swithlight deactivates the elevator trim.
Must both halves of the elevator trim switch be operated at the same time?
Yes, if you don't the trim will fail.
When are the outboard roll spoilers deactivated?
The outboard roll spoilers are deactivated at airspeeds greater than 170 knots.
What stops a aileron trim runaway?
1.  Travel limit switch automatically shuts off the electrical power to the trim actuator.

if that fails, then→

1.  A mechanical stop on the trim actuator will stop the trim at the maximum setting.
When the autopilot is engaged and the system senses that aileron trim is required, a MISTRIM [TRIM R WING DN] or MISTRIM [TRIM L WING DN] message will appear; what must be done?
1.  Disengage the autopilot.
2.  Turn yoke until message goes out.
3.  Adjust aileron trim until contol forces are removed.
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