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General Principles
1. Actus Reus
2. Mens Rea
3. Concurrence
4. Causation
Accomplice Liability
1. Actively Aiding/Abetting

2. Liable for the crime itself & all other foreseeable crimes

1. Withdrawal:
    i. Repudiation if only encouragement
    ii. Attempt to Neutralize if participation beyond mere preparation
    iii. Notifying Police or taking other action to prevent crime is also sufficient
Incohate Offenses: SCA
1. Solicitation
i. Encouraging another to commit a crime
    ii. Intent that the crime be committed

2. Conspiracy
    i. Agreement between 2 or more
    ii. Intent to agree
    iii. Intent the actual crime be committed
    iv. Overt Act-mere preparation sufficient

Co-Conspirator Liability
    i. In furtherance of object crime
    ii. Foreseeable

3. Attempt
    i. Intent to commit a crime
    ii. Falls short of completion
    iii. Substantial Step-Beyond mere preparation

    i. Legal Impossibility
    ii. Merger
Crimes against Person
1. Battery
i. Intent
    ii. Cause
    iii. Harmful or offensive Contact
2. Assault
i. Intent
    ii. Cause
    iii. Reasonable Apprehension
    iv. Of immediate harmful or offensive contact
3. Homicide
4. False Imprisonment
i. Intent
    ii. Cause
    iii. Act or Omission that Confines or Restrains
    iv. Bounded Area
5. Kidnapping
i. Unlawful Confinement of a person-Movement
6. Rape
i. Unlawful Carnal Knowledge of a woman by a man
    ii. W/out consent
Crimes against Person: Homide
1. CL Murder: Killing of another human w/malice
    i. Intent to kill
    ii. Intent to commit GBH
    iii. Depraved Heart/Reckless Disregard
    iv. FMR-BARRK

2. 1st Degree: Codified murder w/premeditation & deliberation
    i. FMR applies
3. 2nd Degree: Codified murder W/OUT premeditation & deliberation
    i. Generally intent for GBH & Depraved Heart

4. Voluntary Manslaughter: Murder that has been mitigated due to Adequate Provocation
    i. Sudden Intense Passion
    ii. D was Provoked-Reasonable Person
    iii. Not sufficient time to COOL-Reasonable Person
    iv. D did not COOL

5. Involuntary Manslaughter
i. Criminal Negligence
    ii. Misdemeanor
Crimes against Property & Public: Theft
1. Larceny:
    i. Trespassory Taking
    ii. & Carrying Away
    iii. The Property
    iv. Of Another
    v. Intent to Permanently Deprive
2. Embezzlement
i. Fraudulent
    ii. Conversion
    iii. Personal Property
    iv. Of Another
    v. By one in Lawful Possession
3. False Pretenses
i. False Stmt
    ii. Intent to defraud
    iii. Property of Another
    iv. Obtain TITLE
4. Receiving Stolen Property
i. Knowingly
    ii. Receiving
    iii. Stolen Property
Crimes against Property & Public: Personal Property
1. Robbery
i. Larceny
    ii. Through threat or force
    iii. Victims Presence
2. Extortion
i. Obtaining property
    ii. By Threat
    iii. May be Future Harm & Doesn't have to be in victims Presence
Crimes against Property & Public: Real Property
1. Arson
    i. Malicious
    ii. Burning=Charring
    iii. Dwelling
    iv. Of Another
2. Burglary
    i. Breaking
    ii. Entering
    iii. Dwelling
    iv. Of Another
    v. At Night
    vi. Intent to Commit a Felony
Crimes against Property & Public: Public
1. Forgery
    i. Making or Altering
    ii. Writing of apparent legal significance
    iii. False
1. Self Defense
i. Majority: Reasonably appears necessary. No duty to retreate before deadly force
    ii. Retreat for using deadly force
2. Defense of Others
i. Reasonable Appearance
3. Defense of Property
i. NonDeadly Force
    ii. Deadly force ONLY to prevent commission of felony in dwelling
4. Insanity MAID
i. Right/Wrong
    ii. Lacked Substantial Capacity to either a. Appreciate b. Conform
    iii. Lacked ability to control Impulse
    iv. "But For"
5. Intoxication
i. Voluntary: Specific Intent
    ii. Involuntary: Aquittal if meets Insanity test
6. Entrapment
i. Criminal design originated from police
    ii. D not Predisposed
7. Mistake & Impossibility
i. Fact Impossibility: No defense to SI crime, Still Guilty of Attempt
    ii. Legal Impossibility: Not guilty of Attempt
    iii. Mistake Fact: SI=Unreasonable
    iv. Mistake Law: No defense
8. Age
i. Under 7 no liability
    ii. 7-14 Rebuttable Presumption
    iii. 14+ may be tried as adult
9. Necessity
    i. Reasonably Believed necessary to avoid greater harm to society
10. Duress
i. Reasonably Believed another would harm him or family
    ii. All Crimes except homicide
11. Crime Prevention
i. NonDeadly Force reasonably to prevent felony or crime
    ii. Deadly force to prevent dangerous felony to human life
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