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4 things to include?
  • models
  • restraints
  • cabinet
  • context
5 models of leadership?
  • single actor narratives
  • cyclical typologies
  • functional
  • transactional/transformational
  • populism
example of single actor narratives?
barry gustafson on muldoon
2 points about cyclical typologies?
  • mobilising - e.g. roger douglas
  • reconciling - healing don't rock boat holyoake
3 points about functional?
triangle of
  • mobiliser
  • manager (lange)
  • legislator (geoffrey palmer)
4 points about transformational/transactional?
  • bolger - to survive MMP
  • shipley - to survive asian FC and NZF ministers
  • clark - as a servant leader
  • key - managerial and pragmatic
2 points about NZ transformational leaders
  • shipley - in her head
  • clark - changed nz culture to embrace diversity
2 examples of populist leaders
michael joseph savage, winston peters
2 restraints on the PM in the NZ system?
  • 3 year govt term
  • MMP a reminder of distrust from muldoon and lange
4 points about cabinet?
  • Lab picks by ballot
  • Nat lets PM pick
  • Clark had firm leadership and thought shouldn't be accountable for teams didn't pick
  • MMP - must be pragmatic and inclusive.
example of how a PM has had to be pragmatic and inclusive?
Clark mend relationships with Jim Anderton 1998 so Alliance could be coalition partner
2 points about context ?
before 1990, unitary political system and dominance of state in mixed economy
what 3 things decreased the formal powers of the PM?
  • deregulation of society
  • devolution of state sector
  • MMP 
How does MMP affect the PM's time?
  • negotiation with coal. partners
  • .e.g 1008 UF Nats Maori
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