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Temporary casualty holding facilities and services are used to hold sick, wounded, and injured personnel for a limited time, usually not to exceed what time frame?
72 hours
What is often the first to receive medical intelligence from on-site providers due to multiple communications and information links available to sections within the FSSG combat service support operations center (CSSOC)?
Health Service Support Element (HSSE)
What function of the medical plan must provide HSS as close to combat operations as the tactical situation permits?
What function of the medical plan must anticipate requirements for rapid movement of HSS units to support combat forces during operations?
Whose mission is to minimize the effects that wounds, injuries, and disease have on units' effectiveness, readiness, and morale?
Whose primary mission is to perform those emergency medical and surgical procedures that, if not performed, could lead to death or loss of limb or body function?
Medical Battalions
What is a process that delivers on demand to the warfighter a healthy, fit, and medically ready force; counters the health threat to the deployed force; and provides critical care and management for combat casualties?
What provides initial resuscitative HSS support to the MEF and is the only source of organic Marine Corps medical support above the aid station level?
Medical Battalion
Which commanders are responsible for coordinating and integrating HSS within their area of operations?
Marine Corps Forces (MARFOR)
The MARFOR deals with matters more on the operational level of war, but the MEF is more forcused toward what level?
A MAW has how many Marine Aircraft Groups (MAGs)?
What is a field production activity of the Defense Intelligence Agency? It is the sole producer of medical intelligence in the Department of Defense (DOD).
Armed Forces Medical Intelligence Center (AFMIC)
HSS focuses on both forms of threat. What are they?
Enemy and health
Each Surgical Company contains 60 beds and how many operating rooms?
What function of the medical plan must shift HSS resources to meet changing requirements?
Who serves as the officer in charge of the medical section of the CSSOC during exercises or operations?
What function of the medical plan must ensure that HSS resources in short supply are efficiently employed and used effectively to support the planned operations?
What requires continuous attention before, during, and after deployment to sustain maximum readiness and warfighting capability?
Who advises the commander on the health of the command and the adequacy of internal FSSG HSS?
Group surgeon
What is a fundamental component of command and control that aids the commander in applying combat power at the decisive time and place?
What function of the medical plan must provide optimum, uninterrupted care and treatment to the wounded, sick, and injured?
What function of the medical plan must integrate and comply with the commander's plan?
What phrase has echoed across numerous battlefields in America's history? To answer this cry, medical personnel assigned to Marine Corps Forces (MARFOR) must be knowledgeable, prepared, and able to provide responsive health service support (HSS) so Marines can do what they do best: Win battles.
"Corpsman Up!"
What warfare is derived from two principal sources: custom treaties and lawmaking treaties such as the Hague and Geneva Conventions?
Law of Land
The United States is a signatory to the Geneva Conventions of what year, and has directed its military forces to abide by its articles?
What are specialized equipment and supply assemblages for medical and dental elements to provide combat HSS?
Who provides MTFs for resuscitative surgery, medical treatment, and temporary holding of casualties from supported forces? They also prepare and evacuate casualties whose medical requirements exceed the established theater evacuation policy.
Surgical Company
In an operational environment, the dental battalion's primary mission is to provide dental health maintenance with a focus on what type of care?
Fleet Surgical Teams (FST) are HSS augmentation teams assigned to the fleet CINCs. Combined, the Pacific and Atlantic fleets have how many times that are considered the fleet CINC's assets in both peacetime and wartime?
During which phase, HSS ashore is limited to the capabilities of medical sections organic to combat units?
What is the smallest, most mobile medical support platoon of the medical battalion?
Shock Trauma Platoon (STP)
Hospital Corpsman assigned to combat support units of the MAGTF are assigned a complete kit of what type as part of their field gear?
First aid
MAP is managed by whom?
What system encompasses the provision of medical supplies, medical equipment maintenance and repair, blood management, and optical fabrication to all joint forces within the theater of operations, except Navy combatant ships?
What equipment and supplies will not be used aboard ship unless authorized by the MAGTF commander in support of an overwhelming emergency?
What is the means by which operating forces are brought to wartime manning levels by personnel augmentation from CONUS-based activities?
Medical Augmentation Program (MAP)
A unit's what includes items necessary for basic support of the organization?
Table of Equipment (T/E)
What FSSG is a supply operation directly responsible to the FSSG supply battalion commanding officer?
Medical Logistics Company, Supply Battalion
The T-AH is designed to receive patients primarily by what means?
What have the largest medical capability of any amphibious ship in the ATF?
Casualty Receiving and Treatment Ships (CRTS's)
During the movement phase of amphibious operations, who has overall responsibility for HSS services to embarked personnel?
Commander, Amphibious Task Force (CATF)
The primary role of a beach evacuation station is to evacuate assault force casualties to designated what?
The total T/E and AMALs/ADALs are designed to support a MEF in an estimated worst case scenario for a period of combat of how long?
60 days
What provide rapid peacetime response teams of pre-identified medical department personnel trained to augment elements of the operating forces?
What encompasses the procurement, initial issue, management, resupply, and disposition of material required to support medical and dental elements organic to the MARFOR?
HSS logistics
HSS logistics is normally a service responsibility. However, in joint operations, what system may be designated to provide central logistical support to all participating services in the combatant CINC's area of responsibility?
Single Integrated Medical Logistics Manager (SIMLM)
What is a floating surgical hospital?
What are transportable, medically and surgically intensive, and deployable in a variety of operational scenarios?
Fleet hospitals
ATF ships suitable for use as CRTS's are what classes?
What HSS personnel aboard ATF ships augment ATF medical and dental departments by providing care to embarked LF personnel using ship's company medical facilities and supplies?
Landing Forces (LF)
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