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I egoist person who is self-centered egotist selfish person egocentric revolving about self [revolve=ครุ่นคิด]
erg, urg
work energy power ergatocracy rule of the workers metallurgy science and technology of metals
to wander error mistake erratic not reliable, wandering [wander=ขาดสมาธิ, ออกนอกเส้นทาง] knight-errant wandering knight
good, well, beautiful eupeptic having good digestion eulogize praise euphemism pleasant way of saying something blunt
fac, fic, fec, fect
to make, to do factory place where things are made fiction manufactured story affect cause to change
fall, fals
to deceive fallacious misleading infallible not prone to error, perfect falsify lie
fer, lat
to bring, to bear transfer bring from one place to another translate bring from one language to another conifer bearing cones, as pine trees
belief, faith infidel nonbeliever, heathen [นอกรีต, คนนอกศาสนา] confidence assurance, belief
end, limit confine keep within limits finite having definite limits
flect, flex
to bend flexible able to bend deflect bend away, turn aside
luck, chance fortuitous accidental, occurring by chance fortunate lucky
strong fortitude strength, firmness of mind fortification strengthening [การสร้างป้อมปราการ, making something stronger] fortress stronghold [ป้อมปราการ, ที่มั่น] [forteresse=strong place]
frag, fract
to break fragile easily broken infraction breaking of a rule fractious unruly, tending to break rules
to flee [หนี, หลบหนี] fugitive someone who flees refuge shelter, home for someone fleeing
to pour effusive gushing, pouring out [gush=พุ่ง] diffuse widespread (poured in many directions)
marriage monogamy marriage to one person bigamy marriage to two people at the same time polygamy having many wives or husbands at the same time
gen, gener
class, race genus group of animals or plants with similar traits [trait=คุณสมบัติ, ลักษณะพิเศษ] generic characteristic of a class gender class organized by sex
grad, gress
to go, to step digress go astray (from the main point) [พูดนอกเรื่อง] [digredi=to step aside] regress go backward gradual step by step, by degrees
graph, gram
writing epigram pithy statement [pithy=ซึ่งได้ใจความ] [a witty saying, คำคม] telegram instantaneous message over great distance stenography shorthand (writing narrowly) [การเขียนชวเลข]
flock, herd gregarious tending to group together as in a herd aggregate group, total egregious conspicuously bad; shocking [ชั่วร้าย เลวทราม] [conspicous=obvious]
sun heliotrope flower that faces the sun heliograph instrument that uses the sun\\\'s rays to send signals
it, itiner
journey, road exit way out itinerary plan of journey
jac, jact, jec
to throw projectile missile; sth thrown forward trajectory path taken by thrown object ejaculatory casting or throwing out
jur, jurat
to swear perjure testify falsely [testify=ให้การเป็นพยาน, พิสูจน์] jury group of men and women sworn to seek the truth adjuration solemn urging [solemn=เอาจริงเอาจัง, เกี่ยวกับศาสนา]
labor, laborat
to work laboratory place where work is done collaborate work together with others laborious difficult [taking a lot of time and effort]
leg, lect, lig
to choose, to read election choice legible able to be read eligible able to be selected
law legislature law-making body legitimate lawful legal lawful
liber, libr
book library collection of books libretto the \\\"book\\\" of a musical play libel slander (originally found in a little book) [คำพูดให้ร้าย]
free liberation the fact of setting free liberal generous (giving freely); tolerant
word, study entomology study of insects etymology study of word parts and derivations monologue speech by one person
loqu, locut
to talk soliloquy speech by one individual loquacious talkative elocution speech
light elucidate enlighten lucid clear translucent allowing some light to pass through
great magnify enlarge magnanimity generousity, greatness of soul magnitude greatness, extent
bad malevolent wishing evil malediction curse malefactor evil-doer
hand manufacture create (make by hand) manuscript written by hand emancipate free (let go from the hand)
sea maritime connected with seafaring [seafaring=การเดินเรือทะเล] submarine undersea craft mariner seafarer
mater, matr
mother maternal pertaining to motherhood matriarch female ruler of a family, group, or state matrilineal descended on the mother\\\'s side [based on or tracing descent through the female line] [matrilineal inheritance]
mit, miss
to send missile projectile dismiss send away transmit send across
mob, mot, mov
to move mobilize cause to move motility ability to move immovable not able to be moved
mon, monit
to warn admonish warn premonition foreboding moniter watcher (warner)
mori, mort
to die mortuary funeral parlor moribund dying immortal not dying
shape, form amorphous formless, lacking shape metamorphosis change of shape anthropomorphic in human shape
to change immutable not able to be changed mutate undergo a greate change mutability changeableness, inconstancy [inconstancy=unfaithful in love or relationship]
born innate from birth prenatal before birth nativity birth
ship navigate sail a ship circumnavigate sail around the world naval pertaining to ships [pertain=เกี่ยวกับ]
to deny negation denial renege deny, go back on one\\\'s word [ผิดสัญญา] renegade turncoat, traitor
name nomenclature act of naming, terminology nominal in name only (as opposed to actual) cognomen surname, distinguishing nickname
new novice beginner renovate make new again novelty newness
all omniscient all knowing omnipotent all powerful omnivorous eating everything [vorus=eating]
to work operate work cooperation working together
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