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Chicken pox (Vericella)
Contact/Airborne precautions = mask+gloves
  • Rash is pruritic, begins as macules, then papules, and then vesicles
  • Isolations until vesicles are crusted
  • Able to infect 2 days before rash occurs
Diphtheria Contact and droplet precautions = Private isolation, mask, gown, and gloves
  • Incubation= 2-5 days
  • Prodromal= resemble a common cold ( Low fever, fatigue, hoarseness)
  • Characteristics = white and gray pharyngeal membranes
  • Considered infectious until 2 negative nose and throat cultures are obtained
  • Tx= best rest, assess for respiratory distress and obstruction and administer antitoxin therapy
Rubella (German measles)Droplet/ Contact precautions = mask, gloves, and gown
  • Prodromal= low fever, sore throat ( adolescents only), none in children
  • Incubation= 14-21 days
  • Maculopapular rash appears first on face and then on rest of the body
  • Symtoms subside after first day of rash
  • Tx= antipyretics and analgesics
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