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able, ible
capable of (adjective suffix) portable able to be carried legible able to be read
ac, ic
like, pertaining to (adj suffix) cardiac pertaining to the heart aquatic pertaining to the water
acious, icious
full of (adj suffix) audacious full of daring avaricious full of greed [avere=to want to have]
pertaining to (adj/n suffix) maniacal insane portal doorway logical pertaining to logic
ant, ent
full of (adj/n suffix) eloquent pertaining to fluid, effective speech suppliant pleader (person full of requests) verdant green
like, connected with (adj/n suffix) dictionary book connected with words honorary with honor luminary celestial body [a person who is an expert or a great influence in a special area or activity] [สิ่งที่เปล่งแสงสว่าง - -\\\"] [celestial=related to sky/heaven; (literally) very beautiful]
to make (verb suffix) consecrate to make holy enervate to make weary [to make you feel tired and weak] [weary=เหนื่อยอ่อน] mitigate to make less severe [mitigare=to soften, mitis=soft]
that which is (noun suffix) exasperation irritation irritation annoyance
state of being (noun suffix) democracy government ruled by the people obstinacy stubbornness
eer, er, or
person who (noun suffix) mutineer person who rebels lecher person who lusts censor person who deletes improper remarks
becoming (adj suffix) evanescent tending to vanish pubescent arriving at puberty
making, doing (adj suffix) terrific arousing great fear soporific causing sleep
to make (verb suffix) magnify enlarge petrify turn to stone [petra=rock]
producing, bearing (adj suffix) pestiferous carrying disease vociferous bearing a loud voice
il, ile
pertaining to, capable of (adj suffix) puerile pertaining to a boy or child civil polite
doctrine, belief [doctrine=ทฤษฎี] (noun suffix) monotheism belief in one god fanaticism excessive zeal; extreme belief [zeal=ความกระตือรือร้นจนเกินไป]
dealer, doer (noun suffix) realist one who is realistic artist one who deals with art
state of being (noun suffix) credulity state of being unduly willing to believe [ความเชื่อคนง่าย] [unduly=อย่างมากเกินไป] sagacity wisdom
like (adj suffix) quantitative concerned with quantity effusive gushing [พรั่งพรูออกมามากไป] [gushing=เยินยอมากไป]
ize, ise
to make (verb suffix) harmonize make harmonious enfranchise make free or set free [to give sb the right to vote in the election]
resembling, like (adj suffix) ovoid like an egg anthropoid resembling a human being spheroid resembling a sphere
full of (adj suffix) verbose full of words
condition (noun suffix) psychosis diseased mental condition hypnosis condition of induced sleep
full of (adj suffix) nauseous full of nausea [nausea=อาการคลื่นไส้] ludicrous foolish
state of (noun suffix) fortitude state of strength certitude state of sureness
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