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Number of pregnancies
A women who has never been pregnant
A women who is pregnant for the first time?
A women who beed pregnant atleast two times or more
The number of births past 20 weeks gestations, whether or not the fetus was born alive
What does the acronym GTPAL stand for?
-G = gradity (# of pregnancies) -T= term births (# born at 40 weeks) -P = preterm births ( # births born before 40 weeks) -A = abortions/ miscarriages ( include in gravida if before 20 weeks gestation; include in para if past 20 weeks gestation) - L= live births ( # of living children)
What are presumptive signs of pregnancy?
- Amenorrhea - N&V -Quickening- First perception of fetal movement
What are positive signs of pregnancy?
-Featl heart rate detected by electronic device -Active fetal movement on palpation -Outline of fetus on ultrasound
Softening of the urterus that occurs about six weeks of pregnancy
Hegars signs
Softening of the cervix that occurs at the beginning of the 2nd monthe of pregnany
Goodels sign
Rebounding of the fetus against the examiner finger on palpation
During the 2nd & 3rd month of pregrenancy, what is equal to the fetus age in weeks (plus/ minus 2 cm)
Fundal Height
What is the signs of an hematoma after delievering?
- Abnornal severe pain - Pressure in the perineal area - Palpable tumor w/ discolored skin - Decreased H&H levels - Signs of Shock
What is the signs and symptoms of Plecenta Previa
-Painless bright red vaginal bleeding (2nd or 3rd trimester) - Soft, relaxed, nontender uterus - Fundal height may be greater than expected for gestational age
What is the signs and symptoms of Abruptio placentae
-Severe abdominal pain -Uterine tenderness accompanies placental abruption. - Abdomen will feel hard and boardlike on palpation as the blood penetrates the myometrium and causes uterine irritability.
If the mother has a negative titer, what does that indicate?
Susceptibility to the rubella virus
When should the mother receive immunization for rubella?
The nurse know that the fetalheart rate can be first heard with a fetoscope at what gestational age?
Between 18- 20 weeks - 10 week with Doppler ultrasound
What is normal FHR at the term of pregnancy?
120-160 bpm
What is variability?
Irregular fluctuation in the FHR of 2 cycles per minute -Decrease variability can result from fetal hypoxemia, acidosis, or certain meds -Temporary variability occurs when the fetus is asleep ( no longer the 30 minutes)
A brief, temporary increase in the FHR of at least 15 beats above the baseline, lasting at least 15 seconds
What is early decelerations?
-Decrease in the FHR below baseline -Occurs during contractions as the fetus head is pressed against the womens pelvis or soft tissues, and returns to the baseline FHR by the end of the contraction -No intervention required
What are Nonreassuring Patterns of FHR?
Tachycardia, Bradycardia, Decreased or absent variability, Late or Varible decelerations, Prolong decleration, and hyper uterine activity
A nonreassuring pattern that reflects imparied placental exchanges or uteroplacental insufficiency
Late Deceleration -Need to improve placental blood flow and fetal oxygenation
Define Variable deceleration
-Restriction of flow the the umbilical cord (cord compression)
When gestational age does the fetal heart starts to beat?
5 weeks
How does the Nagele Rule determine the Estimated Due Date?
- Add 7 days to the first day of the LMP - Subtract 3 months - Add 1 year
When can a postpartum client resume sexual activity?
It is recommended that women refrain from sexual intercourse until the episiotomy has healed and the lochia has stopped. This process usually takes about 3 weeks.
White blood cell counts in a normal pregnancy begin to rise in the second trimester and peak in the third trimester with a normal range of?
11,000-15,000 upto 18,000
By full term, a normal maternal hemoglobin range is ?
Maternal pulse rate during pregnancy increases to ?
10-15 bpm
What shape is the android pelvis and is it favorable or non-favorable
Wedge shaped and narrow and is nonfavorable for a vaginal birth
What shape is the gynecoid pelvic and is it favorable or non favorable
A gynecoid pelvic shape is rounded with a wide pubic arch and is the MOST favorable shape for a vaginal birth
What shape is the anthropoid pelvis and is it favorable or non favorable
An anthropoid pelvis is long, narrow, and oval. It is not as favorable a shape for a vaginal birth as the gynecoid pelvis
What shape is the platypelloid pelvis and is it favorable or non favorable
The platypelloid pelvis is flattened with a wide, short, oval shape and is NON favorable shape for a vaginal birth.
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