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Name the eleven Design Patterns.
1. Chain of Responsibility 2. Command 3. Interpreter 4. Iterator 5. Mediator 6. Memento 7. Observer 8. State 9. Strategy 10. Template Method 11. Visitor
What are the three purposes of the Design Patterns?
1. Creational 2. Structural 3. Behavioral
Name the seven structural patterns.
1. Adapter 2. Bridge 3. Composite 4. Becorator 5. Facade 6. Flyweight 7. Proxy
Name the five creational patterns.
1. Abstract Factory 2. Builder 3. Factory Method 4. Prototype 5. Singleton
Adapters and Bridges are similar. What is typically a deciding factor on which to use?
If the interface is being created for an existing system, then the Adapter pattern is used. Bridge is used up-front in a design to let abstractions and implementations vary independently.
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