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What DOD directive provides basic standards and policies for Navy pest control programs?
The following ___ are ?
acaricides, avicides, fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, molluscicdes, nematocides, rodenticides.
Why are course sprays ineffective?
The fewer number of droplets decreases the chances of target contact.
What is inversion in relation to convection?
When ground temperatire is at least 1 degree cooler than surrounding air.
What is lapse condition in relation to convection?
When the ground temperature is warmer than the air.
How do you get the temperatre to measure inversion or lapse condition?
Thermometers placed 0.3 and 1.8m (1 and 6ft) above the ground.
What must be considered when using a pestacide?
life other than the pest.
How often should bait stations be checked?
Monthly, unless rodent activity is noted.
When using a respirator what should you cehck to ensure it's functioning properly?
Flutter valve
When should a respirator cartridge be changed?
8 hours or sooner if pesticide is detected.
During heavy spraying how often should cartridges be changed?
4 hours
What should be done after respirator use?
Clean face piece with soap and water, dry with clean cloth and store in dry clean place preferably in tight plastic bag.
If the body becomes contaminated with pesticides, what should be done?
clothing removed immediatley and are cleaned immediately, becuase of fast absorption >15 minutes.
What temperature should storage not exceed?
100 degrees
The air exhaust ventilation should provide what in the storage room?
At least 6 fresh air changes per hour.
What should should read outside the storage room?
The light and exhaust switch with a pilot light outside door and sign should read:
How far should the sill be raised off the floor ?
and clear aisle?
at least 10.2cm or 4 inches below the surrounding floor.

3 feet should be cleared
What are sx's of severe Organophosphorus pesticide poisioning?
Respiratory difficulty, pinpoint nonreactive pupils, pulmonary edema, cyanosis, loss of sphincter control, muscle spasms, convulsion, coma and eventual death due to respiratory failure.
What is the adult antidote to Organophosphurus poisoning?
After cyanosis is overcome, give 2-4 mg of stropine sulfate IV. repeat doses at 5-10 min intervals until signs of atropinization appear.
Which fly is suspected of carrying anthrax and tularemia?
Stable Fly
Which mosquito is associated with disease?
Aedes, Anopheles, and Culex
living quarters should be protected by ___ ___.
18 -mesh screening

with bed nets as additional protection.
What 3 louse infect man?
head louse - pediculus humanus capitus
body louse - pediculous humanus
crab louse - Pthirus pubis
What do you use to treat uniforms as a tick repellent?
Best way to remove ticks?
Grasp them with forceps at a 45 degree angle from the skin. Pull slowly and steadily until released.
Evonmization causes swelling or discoloration the venom is probably ___, ___ or ___.
hemolytic, hemmorhagic, or visicating

keep victim warm and quiet
if little or no swelling or discolrarion at site then venom is
probably neurotoxic.

apply ice or immerse site in ice water
Neurotoxic envenomization is treated with ____.
specific anti venoms, or with IV injected gluconate, epi or adrenaline.
Hemmoraghic, when severe treatment is
Vitamin K
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