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Airplane Description:
Length 98ft
Height 22ft 2in
Wingspan 65ft 9in (XR: 68ft 11in)
Airplane Description:
Cabin Height?
Number of rows?
Emergency exit row?
Cabin Height 6ft
Number of rows 18 (1-11, 18-24 UA)
Exit row 12 or 18(UA)
How many Vortex generators are on each wing?
groups of 9 and 3
Describe air stair door operation?
2 hydraulic actuators powered by system 1 or by accumulator allow the door to be raised or lowered. The accumulator has the capacity for 6 door operating cycles. The operation can be controlled inside or outside through the entrance panel, through the exterior main door control panel, or manually by an outside ground attendant.
How many people allowed on the stairs?
3 Max
What does "Door Blocked" mean?
Solenoid Valve Failure.

The main door actuator line remained pressurized when the door was closed.
What do you do if the door becomes "Blocked"?
There is an alternate opening valve located in the cockpit on the floor next to the FO's center console, or an outside access panel on the right nose section that will depressurize the door close line and allow the door to be opened.
How many and location of access panels?

FWD electronics compartment (nose well)

Under cockpit access hatch

Rear electronics compartment
Type of emergency exits and doors?
Main door

Service door

Fueling panel access door

Emergency exit hatches (2) row 12 or 18(UA) window plug type

Baggage Door
How will you know if a door or access hatch is open?
There will be an EICAS caution message and on the "doors" section of the T/O page on the MFD.
What happens with the security door if the cockpit pressure is lower than cabin pressure?
The pressure sensitive latch releases allowing the decompression panel to partially open.
What does the crew awareness system do?
It provides a variety of visual, aural, and sensitive warnings to notify the crew regarding system status, malfunctions, and abnormal aircraft configurations.
What do the DAU's do?
They are the central data collection points for the 
EICAS. DAU 1 collects data from the forward aircraft systems and engine 1. DAU 2 collects data from the aft aircraft systems and engine 2. Engine data is sent through the FADEC and directly from engine sensors. They convert the data to a digital signal and send it to the IC-600's. The DAU's are multi-channel. Channel A is primary and B is for backup.
How do you select channel B on a DAU?
Manually through the DAU reversionary panel.
What is the IC-600's function?
Take data from the DAU's and other aircraft computers and process the data. They interact with each other and send outputs to the Aural Warning unit to generate a tone indicating a caution or warning message when there is an abnormal situation.
What happens if you loose IC-600 1?
The PFD 1, MFD 1, and EICAS will display a red X. The Engine Backup Page will automatically display on RMU 1.
What happens if you loose IC-600 2?
The PFD 2 and MFD 2 will display a red X.
If the IC-600 1 or 2 goes offline, how can we display the good computers information on the affected displays?
Press the SG button on the affected side's reversionary panel.
Are the CRT displays interchangeable?
What are the 5 system pages available on the MFD.
Hydraulic and Brakes



Environmental and Ice Protection

Take off and Doors Page
Can the PFD and EICAS be displayed on the MFD?
Yes, if selected on the reversionary panel.
RMU's may be selected to display what backup information for the PFD, MFD, and EICAS?
Engine Info
Systems Info
Some EICAS messages
Are all the displays on the same electrical bus?
No, 4 different buses
What buses do the displays and IC-600's use?
PFD 1 and MFD 2: DC Bus 1A

MFD 1, PFD 2, TBCH and IC-600 2: DC Bus 2

EICAS, RMU 1 and IC-600 1: Essential DC Bus 1

ISIS and RMU 2: Essential DC Bus 2
What will you see on the displays if you lose DC Bus 1?
PFD 1 and MFD 2 blank (blackout)
What will you see on the displays if you lose DC Bus 2?
MFD 1, PFD 2 and TBCH blank.

MFD 2 red X.
What will you see on the displays if you lose Essential DC Bus 1?
EICAS and RMU 1 blank.

PFD 1 and MFD 1 red X.
What will you see on the displays if you lose Essential DC Bus 2?
ISIS and RMU 2 blank.
How many built in tests do the IC600's have? What are they?

Power up
Pilot Initiated
How is the IC-600 tested, and what happens?
Pressing and holding the test button on the display control panel. The first test displays the failure modes and the second test checks the IC-600 internal interfaces.
What are the crew awareness EICAS message levels and what do they mean?
Warning (Red): always on top; requires immediate crew action.

Caution (Amber): after warning messages; requires immediate crew awareness.

Advisory (Cyan): after caution messages; minor failure or system status.
How many messages can be displayed on the EICAS at one time?
15 At once.
The bezel knob allows you to cycle through the messages if there are more than 15.
What is the Inhibition logic for EICAS messages during Takeoff and Landing?
V1-15 to:
400ft AGL or
CAS below 60kts or
After 1 min.

200ft AGL to:
WOW +3 sec or
After 1 min.

What systems does the aural warning unit receive signals from?
Windshear Detection
Fire Detection
Stall Protection
Auto Pilot
Landing Gear
What provides power to the AWU?
One DC bus and One Essential DC bus.


If "A" fails "B" is selected automatically.
How many chimes is a Red Warning and how often is it repeated?
3 repeated every second
How many chimes is a Caution and how often is it repeated?
1 repeated every 5 seconds
What triggers the takeoff configuration warning when the button is pressed or any thrust lever >60*?
F BST (Fat BaSTard)

Describe the stall protection system (SPS)
The SPS consist of:
1 Computer 2 independent channels,
SPS Panel,
2 AOA sensors,
2 Stick shaker acutuators,
1 Stick Pusher  (Captain's side).
To avoid bogus warnings the SPS takes into account:
Icing Conditions
Gear Position
Flap Setting
Mach Number
What inhibition logic does the stick pusher incorporate?
(2C's, 2G's, 2 200's, and a Q)

Channel Inop,
Cutout button pressed,
On the Ground,
Below .5 G's,
>200 KIAS,
Below 200ft or 10sec after T/O if RA Inop,
Quick Disconect Button Pressed
When is the SPS test button illuminated?
Start up or
Unsuccessful test.
What does the pitch limit indicator represent?
The remaining margin left for the stick shaker AOA set point
What are the pitch limit indications?
Green (10 to 5*)
Amber (5 to 2*) 
Red (< 2*)
What is the difference between EGPWS and GPWS?
Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System has terrain mapping.
What are the 2 windshear alerts and what triggers them?
Caution (amber) increasing headwind and/or updraft.
"Increasing Performance"

Warning (red) increasing tailwind and/or downdraft.
"Decreasing Performance"
What is windshear escape guidance mode?
Minimize Altitude loss and Speed loss. It provides pitch command to recover from windshear encounters.
When does the Windshear Escape Guidance Mode engage?
Pressing Go Around button while in WSHR

During Takeoff or Go Around and WSHR detected or
TLA above 78* and Red WSHR detected
What flight director modes are inhibited when a windshear caution or warning is present?
Altitude Preselect Mode,
Go Around and
Takeoff Mode.
No lateral modes are inhibited.
In order of priority, what are the requirements the Windshear Escape Guidance Mode is designed to meet?
Prevent the airplane from:
Exceeding Vmo
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