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Air curtains are an example of a ________ approach in IPM.
Pesticides with different brand names but the same common names will have: A. Similar trade names B. The same active ingredient C. The same inert ingredient D. The same amount of active ingredient
B. The same active ingridient
The ___________ were the first insecticides to replace the chlorinated hydrocarbons.
Pyrethroids are based on the chemical structure of _____________.
The size of droplets from canned aerosol pesticides is in the range of ______________.
20 to 30 microns
Thermal foggers use __________ based insecticide formulations.
The American cockroach is ___________ in color and __________ inches long.
Reddish-brown, 1 1/3 to 1 1/2 inches
The larva and pupa of ants, bees and other social insects is called.
Distinguish between a flying ant and flying termite
Termites have equal wings, a thick waist and straight antennae Ants have unequal wings, thin waste and elbowed antennae
Only baits with sweet attractants should be used when baiting pharaoh ants. True or false
A family group of insects. Social insects, like ants and wasps
The larval stage of a tick
Seed ticks
The hindmost or rear body section of an arthropod.
Insect development involving 4 different body forms and life stages.
Complete metamorphosis
The stages in a flies life cycle are _________, __________, __________ and ____________.
Egg, larva, pupa, adult
_________ and __________ are the keys to fly control.
Sanitation, exclusion
The ________ _____ is associated with decaying vegetation.
Fungus gnat
The antennae have an enlarged section at the terminal end similar to the front end of a baseball bat.
Clubbed antennae
An immature stage in the life cycle of an insect with complete metamorphosis.
The larvae of the ____________ and _____________ carpet beetles are oval, while the _____________ carpet beetle larvae are elongated.
Varied, furniture, black
Casemaking clothes moths regularly fly toward the light. True or false?
What does FIFO stand for? It refers to rotating food merchandise so that the older stock is always being used first. The practice hastens the use of stored products and therefore decreases the probability for pest infestations.
First in first out
The ________ _________ __________ has 6 teeth on either side of the thorax.
Sawtooth grain beetle
Even though clover mites don\'t suck blood, they do leave a red streak when smashed. True or false
Outside pesticide application must reach the soil to effectively control clover mites. True or false
Boxelder bugs are __________ and ___________ in color.
Black and red
Booklice prefer temperatures from _______ to ________ degrees and humidity from ________ to ________ percent.
75° to 85° and 75 to 90%
Springtails like very dry environments. True of false
Cautious and suspicious of new things that appear in their territory.
What are the 3 main recognized pest bird species?
Pigeons, Starlings, English sparrows
The system of underground passage ways and chambers that form the nest area of a rodent.
The young resulting from 1 birthing by a female rat or mouse.
Animals with a backbone
Typically, which will travel further from its nest for food and water, a rat or a mouse?
Mice can pass through openings as small as ______ of an inch. Rats can pass through openings as small as _______ of an inch.
1/4 inch 1/2 inch
The primary pest bird in North Carolina is the ______________.
The honeybee was introduced into the United States during what period?
How many yellow jacket workers can be produced in one season?
Up to 10,000
A carpenter bee infestation looks like:
1/2 inch circular hole in wood
Insecticides derived from plants
This works by inhibiting cholinesterase in much the same way as organophosphates.
Chemicals of natural origin or synthetic versions of natural chemicals. This group includes the microbial pesticides that contain microbial organisms such as bacteria or fungi.
Attract pests
Disrupt the molting, maturity for immature stage to adult, or other life processes of insects.
Insect growth regulators
Repel pests
Where the eyes, antennae and mouth parts are found
Where most of the vital organs are
Where do Boxelder bugs lay their eggs?
Pod baring boxelder tree (female)
Are Indianmeal moths attracted to light?
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