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What requires only an Aircraft Incident/Irregularity Report?
ATC Deviation,
Deviation from FAA or TSA procedure,
Exercise of Emergency Authority,
Near Mid Air Collision,
Pax/Crew Illness or Death,
Pax Misconduct,
Runway Incursion,
Windshear Warning,
What requires an Aircraft Incident/Irregularity Report and a Logbook entry?
Aircraft Damage,
Animal/Bird Strike,
Hard Landing (>360 FPM),
Inflight Engine Shutdown,
Lightning Strike/Static Discharge,
Overweight Landing,
Rejected T/O,
Severe or Extreme Turbulence,
Significant Aircraft Mechanical Failures,
Smoke/Fire Warning,
EFIS Tube Failure (2 or More),
Portable ELT Activation
When is the Captain in command of the Crew?
From the time they report for duty prior to departure until they are released from duty after the arrival of the last assigned flight.
How often must the Captain ensure a VOR check has been accomplished?
Daily, but FARs require at least once every 30 days.
When is the Captain in command of the aircraft?
From the time the doors are closed until they are opened. Or anytime an Engine is running.
How long before the beginning of duty time can we drink alcohol?
12 Hours
How long after SCUBA diving or receiving an Immunization must you wait before performing flight duty?
24 Hours
After giving blood (recommended on an emergency basis only), how long before a pilot can accept a flight?
72 Hours
If you call off Fatigue what must you do?
Online Fatigue Form within 72 Hours
When can crewmembers use PEDs while performing job related duties on or around the aircraft?
Only when directly related to those duties.
When passengers are removed from the aircraft, what two instances do not require the Captain to submit an Irregularity Report online within 72 hours?
Oversells and weight overloads.
Who is responsible for discretly assuring all armed pax (except FAMs) are aware of each others presence?
The FA prior to closing the main cabin door.
Who is responsible for notifying FAMs of other LEOs?
The Gate Agent.
How many "High Risk" prisoners can be carried without approval from the Director of Flight Ops?
What are the staffing requirements for prisoner transport?
Low Risk - 1 LEO for 2 prisoners (flight 4 hrs or less).

High Risk - 2 LEO's
During extended ground delays, when must the aircraft return to the gate and the passengers allowed to disembark?
Prior to reaching the 3 hour point provided the aircraft is equipped with enough food and water to accommodate all passengers, and the lavatory and environmental systems are operable.
When must Dispatch fill out a Tarmac Delay Form within 72hrs?
Once the "On Aircraft Delay" exceds 90min.
When is the latest food service can be offered during a ground delay?
Prior to the delay reaching 2hrs.
How often should PAs be made during a Ground Delay?
At least every 20min.
During ground holds, when is the earliest you should try and leave the gate?
25min prior to EDCT.
When is the only time the PIC can refuse transport to a disabled passenger?
For Safety reasons.
What is the maximum weight of "Cabin Seat Baggage", and where must it be stowed?
How do you input "Cabin Seat Baggage" for the T/O Performance?
The actual weight in the pax detail section.
During Lost Com, if unable to continue VFR and land as soon as practicable, how do you know which route and altitude to fly?
Route: (AVE F)

Altitude: (MEA)
Whichever is higher.
What is the unique transponder codes?
7500 Hijack
7600 Lost Coms
7700 Emergency
What code word is used to tell the FA to immediately Don O2 Mask and take a seat?
Oscar Mike
If the Captain deviates during an emergency, what must he do?
Submit an online Incident/Irregularity Report within 72hrs.
During an "On-Land" evacuation, where does the FO go after being cleared out by the Captain?
The Service Door.
Can a person using a portable O2 concentrator sit in the exit row?
When are wing walkers required?
When taxiing less than 5ft from an obstacle.

Never taxi less than 3ft from an obstacle or if the wing would pass over or under an obstacle.
When are we required to listen to guard?
Whenever requested.
When is the aircraft considered "OUT" of the gate?
When the Main Cabin Door is closed and the Parking Brake released.
When is the aircraft considered "IN"?
When the aircraft is stopped at the gate and the Parking Brake set.
When are flight crews not allowed to make PAs concerning flight path, position over cities, or landmarks while over US airspace?
When operating flights to international destinations.
What is the weight of... Plane Side loaded baggage? Checked bags? Heavy bags?
20 lbs Plane Side 
30 lbs Checked
60 lbs Heavy
What two simultaneous conditions must occur before loading the cargo over 1764 lbs with T/R's or 2205 lbs without?
Minimum fuel of 2000 lbs and no more than 1 person in either the baggage compartment or rear electronic compartment.
When is the Cargo Restraint Net required?
Cargo loads >2182 lbs.
What is the Wardrobe closet max allowable weight?
154 or 100 lbs. As Placarded.
What weight is used for battery operated Mobility Aids?
Actual weight if known or

100 lbs for Segway

193 lbs for other
What weight is used for non-motorized mobility aids?
60 lbs
How much weight is removed if the FA is not on board?
170 lbs
Can we board while Over-Wing Refueling?
Only after the left tank is fueled or if connected to a jet bridge.
Can we remove the GPU during refueling?
No, do not apply or remove GPU power while refueling.
Can we Hot Refuel?
Only when authorized by the Director of Flight Ops.
Can we cancel IFR and proceed VFR?
Above what altitude must the O2 mask be worn if a pilot leaves the flight deck?
When are shoulder harnesses required to be worn?
Can we Takeoff, Land, or Taxi at night without runway/taxiway lights?
Unless they have taxiway reflectors.
On pilot controlled lighting, how many clicks (within 5 sec.) do what?
3 - Illuminates at low intensity
5 - Illuminates at medium intensity
7 - Illuminates at highest intensity
If Barometric Pressure is >31.00, what adjustments must be made?
Under IFR, increase ceiling and visibility requirements by 100 ft and 1/4 sm for each 1/10 in. above 31.00.
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