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Frontal lobe
Motor functions
Parietal lobe
Recieve info from skin n skeletal.muscle
Occipital lobe
Receives visual info
Temp lobe
Recieve sound info
Recieve n process taste
Medulla oblongata
Heart beat, blood pressure, respiration rhythm, vomiting
Coordinate movement
cns consists of?
brain and spinal cord
brain regions?
cerebellum, diencephelon, brain stem, cerebrum
cerebral cortex uses _____ to increase surface area?
cerebral cortex is executive suite due to being made of?
greymatter for consiiuse mind
what is hemiplegia?
damage of one hemisphere causes. paralysis of opposite side
longitudinal fissure?
seperates cerebral cortex into two hemispheres
what seperates cerebellum from cerebrum?
transverse fissure
the frontal lobe is for?
motor function
parietal lobe is for?
somatic sensory info
occipital lobe controls?
visual info
temporal is for?
sound info
insula is for?
visceral info / taste
cerebral white matter made of ______for communication?
association fibers are for?
communication between regions of same hemisphere
communication between two hemispheres ex corpus callosim?
projection fibers for?
commmunication between cerebrum n other parts of cns
diencephelon includes?
thalamus, hypothalamus, epithalamus
what does hypothalamus do?
regulated body temp, water uptake, endocrine activity, is part of limbic system
hypothalamus connects to pituitary gland through?
major structure of epithalamus is?
pineal gland
pineal gland secretes?
melatonin for sleep
brain stem includes?
midbrain,pons., medulla oblongata
medulla oblongata function?
vital center for regulate heart beat, blood pressure, respiration
cerebellum function?
coordinate muscle movement
the lateral ventricle of the brainsde located in the ____?
cerebral hemisphere
the 3rd ventricle connects to 4th through?
cerebral aquaduct
3 meniges?
dura., arachnoid, pia matter
what is a split between periosteal and meningeal layers and forms dura. Venus sinus?
dura matter
arachnoid matter form ___ for returning Csf to blood?
what matter clings to brain?
what provides buoyancy for the brain?
csf is produced by?
choroid plexus in roof of ventricles
csd exist in ?
4 ventricles, central canal, subarachnoid space
what forms tight junctiins?
astrocytes and endothelium
tight junctions act like a ?
blood brain barrier
what cab go through blood brain barrier?
fat /lip soluable ex alcohol
spinal cord ends?
between l1 And l2
what is cauda equina?
vertebral column nerve roots
dorsal horn contains?
lateral horn contain?
visceral motor neurons that control visceral organs
ventral horn contains?
somatic motor neuron controls skeleton muscles
dorsal root. contains?
sensory nerve fibers
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