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Drug: Albuterol Class: Beta 2 Receptor Agonist
Dose: 2.5mg nebulized, may repeat. Indications: COPD, Asthma, pnemonia, anaphlaxis
Drug: Ipratroplum(Atrovent) Class: Bronchodilator
0.5mg in 2.5-3ml of NS via neb Indications: COPD, Asthma, Pnemonia, Anaphylaxis
Drug: Aminophylline Class: Loop Diuretic
Dose:200-300mg IV over 2-30min Indications: Asthma, COPD, Pulmonary Edema
Drug: Bumex Class: Loop Diuretic
Dose: 0.5mg IVP/IM over 1-2min Indications: Edema, CHF
Drug: Cetacaine Class: Anesthetic
Dose: 1 sec. spray to throat (200mg) Indications: Nasal intubation
Drug: Etomidate(Amidate) Class: Hypnotic
Dose: 0.1-0.3mg/kg IV over 15-30sec. Indications: Induction of RSI
Drug: Furosemide(Lassix) Class: Loop Diuretic
Dose: 40-120mg SIVP Indications: CHF, Pulmonary edema
Drug: Magnesium Sulfate(MAG) Class: Electrolyte
Dose: 1-2g over 1-2min(V-Fib, V-Tach) 1-2g with infusion @ 0.5-1.0g/hr IV(Torsades de pointes) 1-2g over 5-30min(AMI) 2-4g IV/IM(Eclamsia)
Drug: Morphine Sulfate Class: Narcotic analgesic
Dose: 2.5-15mg IV, 5-20mg IM/SQ(For pain) 1-2mg q 6-10min to response(AMI or PE)
Drug: Nitroglycerin Class: Nitrate
Dose: 0.4mg(1 spray)SL up to 3/25min Indications: Pain associated with MI, Pulmonary edema
Drug: Methlyprednisoione(Solu-Medrol) Class:Corticosteriod, Anti-inflamm
Dose: 125-250mg IV/IM, 30mg/kg IV over 15min. then infuse after 45min at 5.4mg/kg/hr Indications: Asthma, COPD, anaphylaxis, Spinal cord injury
Drug: Succinycholine(Succs) Class: Depolarizing neuromuscular Blocker
Dose: 1-1.5mg/kg IV/IM Indications: Facilitate endotracheal intubation
Drug: Vercuronium(Norcuron) Class: Nondepolarizing skeletal muscle relaxant
Dose: 0.08-0.1mg/kg IV Indications: Facilitates ET
Drug: Midazoiam(Versed) Class: Sedative
Dose: 1-2.5mg slow IV, 0.07-0.08mg/kg IM(usally 5mg) Indications: Induces sedation
Drug: Hydroxyzine(Vistaril) Class: Antihistamine
50-100mg deep IM(anxiety), 25-50mg deep IM(Nausea, vomiting)
Drug: Oxygen(O2) Class: Elemental gas
Dose: hypoxia 100% by inhalation or PPV Indications: Hypoxia, improve respiratory efficiency in trauma cases
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