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appendicular skeleton
everything except skull, ribs, vertebral column, sacrum & coccyx
pectoral girdle
*supports the arms * clavicle & scapula
pectoral girdle articulations
attaches to axial skeleton only at the sternoclavicular joint the scapula glenoid fossa light flexible moblie
*acts like strut, hold humerus out * sternoclavicular joint very strong * thin and not strong weakest at curves
*acromion connects clavicle and high point of the shoulder. *coracoid process anchors some arm muscles * glenoid fossa articulates with humerus
*adult pelvis composed of four bones: sacrum, the coccyx and the right and left ossa coxae *protects and supports the viscera in the inferior part of the ventral cavity
pelvic girdle
*refers to the left and right ossa coxae (coxal bones, innominate bones, or hipbones) * securely attached to axial skeleton *deep hip socketa for femurs, reinforced by ligaments
pelvic girdle continued
*coxal bone- 3 fused bones ~illium: largest, iliac crests, sacriolic joint ~ischium: \"sitdown bone\" ~pubis: anterior *acetabulum (vinegar cup) - deep socket for head of femur- all three bones meet here
femur articulates with...
acetabulum of hip girdle, tibia & patella
tibia articulates with..
femur & talus
fibula articulates with...
tibia & ankle
medial longitudinal arch...
extends from the heel to the big toe
lateral longitudinal arch is..
not as high as the medial longitudinal arch
transverse arch...
runs perpendicular to the longitudinal arches
proxim row: scaphoid, lunate, triquetrum, pisiform distal row: trapezium, trapezoid, capitate, hamate
calcaneus talus navicular, cuboid medial cuniform, intermediate cuniform, lateral cuniform
humerus articulates
with the glenoid fossa of the scapula & with the radius
radius articulates with
the head of the ulna and the distal end articulates with the proximal row of the carpal bones
the ulna articulates with
the trochela of the humerus & the distal radius
the coxal bones articulate with
with its fellow anteriorly, wiith the sacrum posteriorly, & with the femur laterally
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