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Step 1
Excitement. Fun. Silly. Positive. Nervousness. A little bit sexual
Step 2
Appreciation. Wonder. A bit more sexual
Step 3
Savoring the sexual tension. Aroused. Trying to hold yourself back (struggling to restrain yourself)
- can\'t skip any of the steps

- if you skip step 1 you come accross as creepy

- if you skip step 2 you\'re the player who can never get the girl friend

- if you skip step 3 you\'re the platonic friend
Troubleshooting II
if you are in step 2 and she accuses you: \" why are you so serious all the time?\" go back to step 1

if she accuses you of being a creep, go back to step 1 fast!!!! if you can get to step two as soo. as possible
3 steps to mastery
1) Beginners level: name the improper emotion, but calibrate against the ideal self.

2) Intermediate level: moderate levels of emotion in each stage, mainly vibing with her

3) Advanced level: Bigger range of emotional variety and depth. She tests more but you see these as fun and cute.
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