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What does RISC and CISC stand for?
"Reduced Instruction Set Computer" and "Complex Instruction Set Computer".
What is the idea behind CISC?
To more directly map assembly instructions to high level instructions.
What is the benefit of CISC?
* Simpler compilers * Smaller program size
What are the disadvantages of CISC?
More transistors needed to store the complex instructions.
What is the idea behind RISC?
Create a set of instructions, all of which can be executed in a single clock cycle.
What are the benefits of RISC?
* Less transistors required to store instructions * Because all commands complete in a clock cycle, parallelism is possible.
Between RISC and CISC, which technology is gaining momentum, and why?
RISC. The memory required to store a program is dramatically less than before, and compiler technology has improved.
What good is "scripting"?
Small utility tools, rapid prototyping, process linking
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