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-birth to 18 months -oral-sensory
trust vs. mistrust
Erikson- early childhood
-18 months to 3y muscular anal
autonomy vs. shame
will power
Erikson-play age
-3-5y old locomotor genital
initiative vs. guilt
Erikson-school age
•6-12 years old latency
industry vs. inferiority
•12-18 years old egoidentity vs. confusion
Erikson- young adulthood
•18 -35 years old intamacy vs. isolation
Piaget sensorimotor
birth to 2 years reflex base coordinate reflexes
Piaget preoperational
2-7 years self-oriented eggocentric
Piaget concrete operational
6 or 7-11 years old more than 1 view point no abstract problems consider some outcome
Piaget formal operational
11 or 12 and up thinks abstractly reason theoretically not all people reach this phase
Dental Development-formation of teeth
decidious teeth begin to develop at 4 months in utero permanent teeth begin to develop 3-4 months of age.
Dental Development-Decidous
6 months- lower central incisors 7 months-lower lateral incisors 7.5 mo- upper central incisors 9 mo- upper lateral incisors 12 mo-lower first molars 14 mo- upper first molars 16 mo- lower cuspids (canine) 18 mo- upper cuspids 20 mo- lower second molars 24 mo- upper second molars
Dental Development-Permanent
6-7y- upper and lower first molars; lower central incisors 7-8y- uppet central incisors 8-9y- upper lateral incisors 9-10y- lower cuspids 10-11y- upper first bicuspids 10-12y- upper second bicuspids
Fluoride Rx
Rx if well or bottle water -6 mo- 3yo- 0.25 mg qd po -3-6yo- 0.5mg qd po -6-16yo-1 mg qd po
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