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Cranial Nerve I
Cranial Nerve II

  • Vision

  • Detection of light

Cranial Nerve III

  • Eye movement upward, downward, and inward

  • Constriction or dilation of pupil

  • Raises eyelids

Cranial Nerve IV

  • Eye movement downward and inward

Cranial Nerve V
Facial sensation
Cranial Nerve VI
Eye movement outward
Cranial Nerve VII

  • Facial expression

  • Taste in front 2/3 of tongue

  • Production of saliva and tears

  • Controls muscle involved in hearing

Cranial Nerve VIII

  • Hearing

  • Balance

Cranial Nerve IX

  • Swallowing

  • Gag reflex

  • Speech

Cranial Nerve X

  • Swallowing

  • Gag reflex

  • Speech

  • Control of muscle in some internal organs and heart rate

Cranial Nerve XI

  • Neck turning

  • Shoulder shrugging

Cranial Nerve XII
Tongue movement
Which cranial nerves are entirely sensory?

  • Olfactory (I)

  • Optic (II)

  • Vestibulocochlear (VIII)

Which cranial nerves are entirely motor?

  • Oculomotor (III)

  • Trochlear (IV)

  • Abducens (VI)

  • Spinal Accessory (XI)

  • Hypoglossal (XII)

Which cranial nerves are both sensory and motor?

  • Trigeminal (V)

  • Facial (VII)

  • Glossopharyngeal (IX)

  • Vagus (X)

Eye movement?

  • III

  • IV

  • VI

Motor signals for chewing?
Signals for tears?
Sensory for taste?
Tongue muscles?
Muscles of oral cavity, some muscles in neck and shoulder?
Salivary gland?

  • VII

  • IX

Sensory for internal organs, muscles, and glands?
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