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nucleus structure
double membrane with pores nuclear envelope
smooth er structure
network of interconnecting membrane tubules
rough ER structure
has folds
Golgi Apparatus
Flat and Stacked Sacs
lysosomes structure
bubbles with hydrolytic enzymes
large membrane sacs
chloroplasts structure
double membrane has thylakoid stroma
mitochondria structure
double membrane with cristae and matrix
Nucleus Function
containing and protecting DNA
Smooth ER Function
synthesize lipids
process drugs
store calcium ions
Function of Rough ER
make more membranes
modify proteins
Function of Golgi Apparatus
modifying & shipping proteins
Functions of Chloroplast
to make energy by Photosynthesis
Energy Processing and Conversion make ATP
What kind of Junction is Plasmodesmata?
communication channel
What type of Junction is a Tight Junction
Is a leak proof sheet
What is an anchoring junction ?
strong sheets holds cells together
What is a Gap Junctions
Where is plasmodesmota found?
In a plant cell wall.
Where do you find a tight junction
Stomach Or Bladder
Where do you find a anchoring junction
In the Heart.
Where do you found a gap junction?
Heart Communication
What is the structural part of the endomembrane?
Nucleus Smooth ER & Rough ER
What is the function of Lyosomes
to digest food particles
destruction of bacteria
recycles damaged cells
what is the function of vacuole
to transport
3 types of vacuole
Food Vacoule
Central Vacuole
Contractile Vacuole
Endomembrane System
All working a common job
What is ER
Endoplasmic Reticulum
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