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Specialized branch-like structures used to recieve information from other neurons. The more a cell has the more neurons it can communicate with.
A thin-tail like fiber that extends from the soma to the terminal buttons. This can range as small as a red blood cell to 3 feet long. (Protected by the Myelin Sheath)
Central Nervous System (CNS)
Consists of the brain and spinal cord, transmits all activity in the body.
Peripheral Nervous System (PNS)
Carris info from the sense organs to the CNS and then from the CNS to the muscle glands. (Involuntary functions-Autonomic)(Sympathetic-What excites you)(Parasympathetic-What calms you)(Voluntary actions-Somatic)
Area where the axon terminal of one neuron meets the dendrite of another neuron. They dont connect, but there is a small gap called the SYNAPTIC CLEFT/GAP (Space between Neurons)
Autonomic Nervous System
Nerves that connect to the heart,blood veseels,smooth muscle, & glands. Involuntary movement EX: Blinking, digestion. (Fight-Or-Flight)
A self-sufficient,specialized cell in the nervous system that recieves, integrates, and carries info through the body.
Chemicals that carry info from 1 neuron to the next. When synaptic cleft is to large these are used rather than electrical currents.
Sympathetic Nervous System
Prepares the body for emergencies. Responsible for fight or flight response: bring blood from internal to external muscles, signals adrenaline glands. ect.... (What excites you)
Action Potential
occurs when a neuron sends information down an axon, away from the cell body. Neuroscientists use other words, such as a "spike" or an "impulse". It is an explosion of electrical activity that is created by a depolarizing current. This means that some event (a stimulus) causes the resting potential to move toward 0 mV. When the depolarization reaches about -55 mV a neuron will fire an ______________
Parasympethetic Nervous System
Slows down the body,conserves bodily resources. Slows heart down,reduces blood pressure. (Sleep) (What calms you)
Myelin Sheath
fatty substance that covers the axon serving 2 purposes; helps signal travel faster along neuron and protects axon from damage and signals from other neurons.
Somatic Nervous System
Nerves that connect the voluntary muscles like joints. (Receptors) ( Lifting your arm)
The cell body that contains the nucleus,cytoplasm, everything needed for survival.
Resting Potential
When neuron is polarized, in a stable, negatively charged,inactive state, and ready to fire in action potential.
Acetylcholine (ACH)
found in parts of the PNS. spinal cord, & areas of the brain. In PNS it activates muscles that help move the body. Also helps slow down in parasympathetic nervous system.(BReathing,arousal,attention...ect..)
Frontal Lobes
Decision making, palnning, Broca's area & motor cortex.
Occipital lobes
The vision cortex, for visual processig center.
Parietal Lobes
Math skills & sensory cortex.(Pressure,texture,pain)
Temproal Lobes
Hearing and wernicke's are (Understanding Language)
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