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Disorganized think, disturbed perceptions, and/or inappropiate emotion & actions.
Dissociative Identity Disorder
A person who has several rather than 1 integrated personality, usually caused by trauma or abuse. (AKA Multiple personality disorder)
Personality Disorders
Well-established maladaptive ways of behaving that negatively affect peoples ability to function. (Dominates Personality)
OCD-(Obsession Compulsion Disorder)
Persistent unwanted thoughts (Obsessions) that cause someone to feel the need (Compulsion) to engage in a particular action. (Clean Phobia)
Panic Disorder
anxiety disorder marked by a minutes long episode of intense dread, experience of terror,chest pain,choking, and other sensations.
PTSD-(Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)
Flashbacks following a persons involvement in or observation of an extremely stressful event. Memories can cause the anxiety.
Fear a leaving a familiar place.
Bi-Polar Disorder
Periods of depression and manic episodes (AKA Manic Depression)
When a person experiences sudden episodes of intense dread. (Irrational fear)
Antisocial Personality Disorder
Lack of empathy, little regard for others feelings, views the world as hostile and looks out for themselves.
Dissociative Disorder
Disorder involving disruption in the conscious process.
False beliefs
Senseory experiences without sensory stimulation.
Major Depression Disorder
Unhappy for a long period of time (AKA unipolar depression)
Mood Disorders
Experience extreme or inappropiate emotion for two weeks with no apparent cause. (AKA Common cold of psychologival disorders)
Anxiety Disorders
Group of conditions where the primary symptoms are anxiety or defenses against anxiety. (Fear something awful will happen/ State of Fear)
Mood disorder; affective disorder in which the victim tends to respond excessively and sometimes violently.
Dissociative Fugue
People with Psychogeic amnesia that find themselves in an unfamiliar enviroment.
Conversion Disorder
Report existence of severe physical problems with no biological reason (Blindness/ RIcky Bobby)
Somoatoform Disorders
When a person maifests psychological problems through a physiological symptom.
Specific Phobia
Phobia disorder associated with a specific object or situation, such as snakes, dogs, heights.
Book of disorders;classify disorders and symptoms. Will not explain causes or cures.
Frequent physical complaints that are unexplainable. Minor issues become big problems.
Therapy analyzing psyche via the unconscious.
Systematic Desensitization
Behavior technique in which therapists increases the patients anxiety & counters it with relaxation in a ground sequence.
Therapy in which electrical shock is sent through the brain to try to reduce symptoms of mental disturbance.
Cognitive Therapy
Change the way we view the world. (Schemas)
Free Association
Process of saying whatever comes to mind; thought to uncover the unconscious in psychoanalysis.
Behavior Therapy
Psychotherapy that seeks to extinguish or inhibit abnormal or maladaptive behavior by reinforcing desired behavior & extinguishing undesired behavior.
ANy method used to try to help people with emotional & psychological problems.
Albert Ellis's form of cognitive behavior therapy aimed at getting emotions under control by using reason.
Unconditional Positive Regard
Principle of humanistic therapy in which the persons feelings & thoughts are accepted for whatever they are.
Surgery that destroys part of the brain to make the patient calmer, free of symptoms.
Group Therapy
therapy in which more than one person at a time is treated.
Token Economy
Behavioral technique in which rewards for desires acts are accumalated through tokens,which represent a form of memory.
Dissociative Amnesia
Memory loss with no signs of brain damage, or biological damage.
Client Centered Therapy
Non-directive therapies & use active listening.
Antipsychotic Drugs
A tranquilizing medication used to manage psychotic disorders (hallucinations, dellusions)
Rational Emotive Behavior
Philosophically and empirically based psychotherapy which focus on emotional & behavioral problems.
Patients oppose changing their behavior or refuse to discuss, remember, or think about presumably clinically relevant experiences.
Family Therapy
Branch of Psychotherapy dealing with families & couples to nuture change and development.
Meta Analysis
Statistically combines reults of several studies that address a shared research hypothesis.
Anti-Depressant Drugs
Psychiatric medication used to alleviate mood disorders as depression and anxiety disorders.
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