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Urine is composed of ___% water, nitrogenous waste, and ions
Nitrogenous waste in the urine includes
urea, uric acid, creatinine
Ions in the urine include
sodium, potassium, sulfate, phosphate
Aldosterone secretions from the adrenal cortex increase tubular reabsorption of sodium in the kidney which leads to a ____ in blood volume and blood pressure
Angiotensin II acts on the ______ ____
adrenal cortex
Renin released by the kidney cleaves ______ from the liver to angiotensin I
_____ increases the permeability of cells in the collecting duct to water
ADH (antidiuretic hormone)
PTH (parathyroid hormone) plays a role in the formation of active vitamin __
Diabetes Mellitus is caused by high glucose concentrations in the plasma which enters the glomerular filtrate then the tubules and ______ ____
Collecting ducts
Diabetees Mellitus causes an increase in ____ pressure of the tubules because water is retained in the urine to balance the high levels of glucose
Because there is more water being retained and excreted in the urine of people with diabetes mellitus they need to
take in more water
_____ is the formation of mineral stones called calculi in the urinary system
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