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In FETAL life, Compare the pressure in pulmonary and systemic circ.
Pressure is GREATER in the PULMONARY than systemic.
Is the bronchial circ a division of the pulmonary circ.?
NO. It is part of the systemic circ, giving H2O, O2 and nutrients to some parts of the lung.
DEAD space is the sum of?
Anatomical AND Physiological Dead space/
Why is MINUTE ventilation GREATER than Alveolar minute dead space?
It is due to WASTED ventilation.
Which muscle is main one for QUIET breathing?
Diaphragm - it is responsible for about 75% of work of ventilation.
Can airway resistance be actively altered?
YES. Eg. Airway resistance can be reduced by MOUTH breathing.
Where is surfactant produced in lung?
By type 2 pneumocytes (I think this is alveolar cell type 2)
Does surfactant explain hysteresis in pressure-volume curves?
Yes. It allows surface area to vary with volume.
How does the diffusing capacity of O2 & CO2 cf in lung?
CO2 is about 20x better.
Decrease in pH (more acidic) and increase in CO2 - What effect do they have on the dissociation of O2 from oxyhaemoglobin?
They enhance the dissociation. Known as the Bohr effect.
Build up of aerobic metabolites in severe exercise leads to an O debt. T or F
False. It is due to metabolites of ANaerobic metabolism.
What are 4 features of acclimatisation?
Plycythaemia, hyperventilation, increase in oxidative enzymes, RIGHT shift of oxyhaemoglobin diss. curve.
How is ventilatory support usually delivered in respiratory support?
RIGHT heart Failure associated with LUNG disease.
What happens to Peak Expiratory Flow Rate during an acute asthma attack?
Usually decreased due to airway narrowing.
Give 2 factors associated with sleep apnoea?
Obesity, Male sex, hypertension, Increased risk of road traffic accident. (Any 2)
Name a standard test for Hypercapnia.
Flapping tremor.
What is the characteristic change in alveoli seen in ARDS?
Alveolar exudates promotes formation of Hyaline membranes in the alveoli.
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