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what is the sclera
the white of the eye
what is the cornea
the clear front portion of the eye, that covers the pupil
where is the lens located
is just behind the pupil
where and what is the retina
it is in the back of the eye, and as light comes in the lens focuses on the back of the eye or retina
where is the anterior chamber
just in front of the iris and is filled with aqueous humor
how many bones are in the human skull
22 all together, 8 make the cranium, and 14 make up the face
What is Aniscoria
Unequal pupils
What is it called when you have blood in the anterior portion of the eye
When should you remove contact lenses
when there has been a chemical burn to the eye. The patient is unresponsive the patient is wearing hard contact lenses long transit times
When should you not remove contact lenses
The eyeball is injured The transport is short enough for the ER to remove it
What do you do if a patient has lost a tooth
try to find it. they might be able to put it back in
what is the pinna
exterior portion of the ear
do not try to force open the eyelid. When is this contraindicated
Chemical burn
What do you do if you find blood or blood clots in a patients eye
nothing, you may sponge blood from the face, but leave the eye alone
when should you attempt a removal of something from the eye
When it is in the conjunctiva, not those on the cornea or lodged in the globe
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