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Bed Epithelium
Thin layer of tissue betwwen the nail plate and the nail bed
Dead tissue that tightly adheres to the nail plate
Living skin at the base of the nail plate covering the matrix area
Free Edge
Part of the nail plate that extends over the tip of the finger/toe
The slightly thickened layer of skin that lies beneath the free edge of the nail plate
Tough bank of fibrous tissues that connects bones or holds an organ in place
Whitish, half-moon shape at the base of the nail plate, caused by the reflection of light off the surface of the matrix
Area where the natural nail is formed; this area is composed of matrix cells that make up the nail plate
Nail bed
Portion of the skin that the nail plate sits on
Nail Fold
Fold of normal skin that surrounds the nail plate
Nail Groove
Slip or furrow on the sides of the nail
Nail Plate
Hardened keratin plate covering the nail bed
Nail Unit
All the anatomical parts of the fingernail necessary to produce the natural nail plate
Natural Nail
The hard protective plate of the nail, composed of mainly keratin
The technical term for nail of the fingers or toes
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