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What is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways for the fire department to save lives and protect
p. 15
Preventing fires
What is the main purpose of discipline? p. 21
to educate
When was the National Incident Management System created
and put into place by the Homeland Security Directive-5?
p. 35
Which of the following includes promptness, reliability and
p. 14
 Work Ethics
What is a good rule of thumb for the span of control for
an officer in the fire service?
p. 19
During what time period did fire fighting tools and
methods begin to change in North America?
p. 11
Last quarter of the eighteenth century
Which of the following reports directly to the Incident
Commander and is responsible for all activities focused on
reducing the immediate hazard?
p. 37
A.) Logistics Section Chief
B.) Intelligence Section Chief
C.) Planning Section Chief
*D.) Operations Section Chief
Which of the following terms refers to a guide to
decision-making within an organization?
p. 33
A.) Procedure
B.) Directive
C.) Order
*D.) Policy
Which of the following is simply a means to start the
emergency operation?
p. 34
A.) Standard orders and directives
B.) Standard policies
C.) Standard scene size-up
*D.) Standard operating procedures
Which of the following deploys hoselines for fire attack
and exposure protection?
p. 21
A.) Truck company
B.) Ladder company
C.) Rescue company
*D.) Engine company
Which section is responsible for tracking the status of
all resources assigned to the incident and developing the
Incident Action Plan for review and approval by the
Incident Commander?
p. 37
*A.) Planning
B.) Logistics
C.) Operations
D.) Administration
Which of the following is a pivotal advantage to
fire-service-based, prehospital 9-1-1 emergency EMS
p. 17
*A.) Rapid response times
B.) Unconditional service
C.) Decreased cost of service
D.) Community data collection
Who is ultimately responsible for all operations of the
forcible entry team?
A.) Logistics chief
*B.) Incident commander
C.) Sector officer
D.) Group commander
Which of the following is a geographical designation in
the ICS?
p. 39
A.) Command
B.) Group
*C.) Division
D.) Team
At what level of training can the individual perform basic
life support activities as a maximum?
p. 30
A.) Paramedic
*B.) Emergency medical technician
C.) First responder
D.) Firefighter
Which branch within the Logistics Section is responsible
for supplies, facilities and ground support vehicle
p. 37
A.) Service
B.) Resource
*C.) Support
D.) Operation
Which term is used to describe someone in command of a
Division or Group in the ICS?
p. 40
A.) Manager
B.) Leader
*C.) Supervisor
D.) Commander
Which of the following positions is often filled with
non-sworn civilian employees?
p. 27
A.) Fire apparatus driver
B.) Fire department health officer
*C.) Fire alarm maintenance personnel
D.) Fire department incident safety personnel
Which is a functional designation such as forcible entry?
p. 39
A.) Command
B.) Division
*C.) Group
D.) Team
Which of the following is based upon a policy or
p. 33
A.) Regulation
B.) Directive
C.) Conclusion
*D.) Order
What is a set number of resources of the same kind and
type with an established minimum number of personnel?
p. 40
A.) Group
B.) Division
*C.) Strike team
D.) Task force
. Which is the function of directing and ordering by virtue
of explicit legal authority?
p. 39
A.) Action
B.) Status
C.) Resource
*D.) Command
Which of the following oversees all fire department
training activities?
p. 31
*A.) Drillmaster
B.) Instructor
C.) Safety officer
D.) Inspector
Which of the following is NOT a member of the command
p. 36
A.) Safety officer
*B.) Operations officer
C.) Public information officer
D.) Liaison officer
Which of the following terms means obedience to the
unenforceable in the fire service?
p. 13
*A.) Integrity
B.) Personal pride
C.) Moral character
D.) Work ethic
. What is the standard operating unit of a fire department?
p. 21
A.) Sector
*B.) Company
C.) Battalion
D.) Group
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