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what tools should an advancing hose team carry
portable light, prying tool, and axe
what is the smallest hoseline that should be used with master stream device
2 1/2 inch
how many ffr's do it take to succesfully deploy a master stream
2 ffr's
whose responsibility is it to make sure the right breakers are open to ensure power
fire officer
how should above ground transformers be put out
Aerial device with a dry chem extinguisher
what is the most frequent hazard with underground transmission systems
when should the appropriate personel shut down the power
when an electrical problem exists
what is true about class D fires
combustible metals can still be 2000 degrees or greaterĀ even if they looked supressed
what secondary thing would the truck company do
set up the scene lighting
what is true about vehicle fires where the carburator is on fire
you may use a portable extinguisher to put them out
what class B fuel can water in droplet form be used to put out fire
raw crude oil
What fire stream can be applyed directly to a small opening on a fuel tank to keep escaping liquid back
solid stream
What is a true statement about natural gas
it has no distinct odor of its own
at what concentration is natural gas explosive
between 5 and 15%
what is true about bottled gas
it is stored in a liquid state under pressure
what action should a ffr take upon finding a broken underground gas line
protect exposure with hose streams
what precaution should be taken when ffr's are working in a confined space
workout a backup communication system
what would not be needed to be recorded by the saftey officer before entering a hazerdous area
tank pressure
how should fire be approached
from the unburned side to prevent pushing the fire the wrong way
what is an indirect attack
fire streams at the ceiling to cool down the super heated gases
what is the maximum ft of a hoseline feeding a master stream
no more than a 100 ft, because of friction lose
what is the flash point of a flammible liquid
100 degrees
what psi is natural gas usually in local distribution levels
50 psi and is flammible between 5-15%
how many degrees does a normally working catalitic converter burn at
1,300 degrees and on an engine with problems up to 2,500 degrees
what does OATH stand for
O-Ok (1 tug)
A-Advance (2 tugs)
T-Take up slack (3 tugs)
H-Help (4 tugs)
what is a subsurface fuel
roots, peat, and duff that lie under the surface of the ground
what is a surface fuel
needles, twigs, and grass up to 6 ft tall
what are aerial fuels
anything over 6 ft
what is the aspect
the compass direction that a slope faces
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