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blood pressure depends on
force of heartbeat, resistance of the blood vessels, the volume of circulating, viscosity or thickness of the blood
maximum pressure is excerted on the walls of the arteries when...
the left ventricle of the heart pushes on the aorta
maximum pressure is called
diastolic is
the lowest pressure that occurs btw the contractions of the ventricles or when they are resting
systolic pressure is the...
period of ventricular contraction
suddenly when listening through the scope the beat of the heart either stops or changes quickly to a dull thud. This number is called the...
blood pressure
sites for assessing blood pressure
upper arm(brachial), upper leg (popliteal), leg (posterior tibial or dorsalis pedis artery)
blood pressure cuff and palpatory method
falsely high reading might result from
cuff too narrow, too loose, release cuff too slowly, meniscus not at eye level, bp taken in leg
falsely low reading may result from
cuff too wide, arm above heart, miss first round, excessive length of stethoscope, obesity(hard to hear)
what would you do if you discovered hypertension?
check baseline, assess surrounding events, reposition patient, check patients meds, length of scope too long, repeat measures
what would you do if you discovered hypotension?
rest, position with head lower legs elevated, check pt\'s activity level
significance of pulse pressure
greater than 30-40 it indicates arteries have lost some elasticity
auscultatory gap
temporary disappearance of sound, sound of systolic pressure diminishes and returns at lower pressure point
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