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Max. Altitude for APU electric supply
33000 feet
Max N1
Max windshield wiper operating speed
250 kts
Max altitude for APU to assist engine start
21,000 feet
Max ITT takeoff and go-around

Reserve Takeoff & Go-around (5 minutes)
938 C

983 C
Runway Slope uphill, downhill limit?
+2 degrees
-2 degrees
Max Wind for PAX door operation?
40 KTS.
APU min temp for operations.
-54 degrees
Max fuel imbalance left and right?
800 lbs
Max Airspeed for RAT operation?
Max wind for cargo door operation opening?
40 kts.
Tire limit ground speed?
195 kts
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Nosewheel Steering Runaway
Max Differential pressure for takeoff and landing?
0.2 psi
Max operation Speed?
Max negative differential pressure?
-0.5 psi
Max Headwind Category II?
25 kts.
Max Gear extension speed VLO?
265 kts.
Max APU EGT continuous?
717 degrees C
Max APU EGT start?
1032 degrees C
Minimum Fuel temp?
-40 degrees C
Max flap extension altitude
20,000 feet
Max Landing weight?
97,000 feet
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Cabin Altitude HI?
Oxygen Masks....ON 100%
Crew Communication....Establish
Engine Starter Duty Cycle

1st and 2nd attempt?

3rd - 5th attempt?
1st - 2nd attempt
(On Ground)
90 seconds ON, 10 seconds OFF
(In Air)
120 seconds ON, 10 Seconds OFF

3rd-5th attempt
(On Ground)
90 seconds ON,
5 minutes OFF
(In air)
120 seconds ON
5 minutes OFF
Max rotor speed for APU?
Max altitude for APU bleed Supply?
15,000 feet
Max Crosswind for takeoff and landing?
28 kts - gust to 35 kts
Max Oil temperature?
155 degrees C
Max Takeoff and Landing altitude?
10,000 feet
Max Operating altitude?
41,000 feet
Max Speed with windshield wiper in the failed position?
320 kts
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Jammed Control Wheel ROLL?
Aileron Disconnect Handle -------  PULL

Working ROLL control
---------Identify and assign Pilot Flying
Fuel XFEED limitation?
XFEED switch mush be set to OFF for takeoff and landing.
Max differential pressure
8.7 psi
Engine Start Duty cycle?

Dry Motoring Cycle?
1st attempt  ---- 90 seconds ON, 5 minutes OFF
2nd attempt --- 30 Seconds ON, 5 minutes OFF
APU start Duty Cycle?
1st - 2nd attempt
60 seconds ON
60 seconds OFF

3rd and subsequent
30 seconds ON
5 minutes OFF
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Jammed Control Column PITCH?
Elevator disconnect handle ------ PULL

Working Pitch Control  -----  Identify and assign pilot flying
Max and Taxi weight?
114,550 lbs
Max Continuous ITT
960 degrees C
Minimum ambient temperature for takeoff?
-54 degrees C
Minimum altitude for autopilot use?
Precision Approach
50 feet below DH or DA

Non Precision Approach

Visual Approach not backed up by ILS
500 Feet
Max N2?
Max Takeoff weight?
114,200 lbs
Max altitude for APU start?
30,000 feet
Limit maneuver load factors?
Flaps up
-1.0 - +2.5G

Flaps down
-.0 - +2.0G
Max Crosswind CAT II Takeoff and Landing from contaminated runway?
15 kts.
Max ambient temperature for takeoff and landing?
52 degrees C
Max gear extended speed VLE?
265 kts.
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Cockpit / Cabin Smoke?
Oxygen Masks --- ON EMER

Crew communication -- establish
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