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In Piaget''s stage of concrete operational intelligence, the child acquires an understanding of the principle of:
Piaget held that egocentrism is characteristic of the:
Preoperational Stage
During which stage of cognitive development do children acquire object permanence?
Sensorimotor stage
Newborns vigorously root for a nipple when:
their cheek is touched
When psychologists discuss maturation, they are referring to stages of growth that are NOT influenced by:
The developmental theorist who suggested that securely attached children develop an attitude of basic trust is:
According to Erikson, the central psychological challenges pertaining to adolescence, young adulthood, and middle age, respectively, are
Intimacy; identity formation, generativity
In preconventional morality, the person
obeys to avoid punishment or to gain concrete rewards
A person''s general ability to think abstractly is called _________ intelligence.  This ability generally __________ with age
Fluid, decreases
Among the hallmarks of growing up are a boy''s first ejaculation and a girl''s first menstrual period, which is also called:
An older person who can look back on life with satisfaction and reminisce with a sense of completion has attained Erikson''s stage of:
According to Piaget, the ability to think logically about abstratct propositions is indicative of the stage of:
Formal Operational
The average age at which puberty begins is ______ in boys; and in girls it is ________.
Adolescence is marked by the onset of
The end of menstruation is called:
Current research shows that young children are more capeable and development is more continuous than Piaget believed.
The process of grieving is much the same throughout the world.
As people grow older, personality gradually stabilizes.
During adulthood, age only moderately correlates with people''s traits.
Intelligence declines throughout adulthood.
By the age of 50, most adults have experienced a "midlife crisis"
Compared with those who are younger, older people are most susceptible to short-term ailments such as flu and cold viruses.
Authoritarian parents have children with teh highest self-esteem and social confidence.
Compared with when he was younger, 4-year-old Antonio is better able to empathize with his friend's feelings.  This growing ability to take another perspecrive indicates that Antonio is acquiring a
Theory of Mind
Calvin, who is trying to impress his psychology professor with his knowledge of infant motor development, asks why some infants learn to roll over before they lift their heads from a prone position, while others develop these skills in the opposite order.  What should Calvin''s professor conclude from this question?
Calvin doesn''t know what he''s talking about.  Although some infants reach these devlopmental milestones ahead of otheres, the order is the same for all infants.
As a child observes, liquid is transferred from a tall, thing tube into a short, wide jar.  The child is asked if there is now less liquid in order to determine if she has mastered
The theory of conservation
I am 14 months old and fearful of strangers.  I am in Paiget''s _________ stage of cognitive development.
I am 3 years old, can use language, and have trouble taking another person''''s perspective.  I am in Piaget''''s ___________ stage of development.
In Piaget''s theory, conservation is to egocentrism as the ________ stage is to the __________ stage.
concrete operational; preoperational
Four-year-old Jamail has a younger sister.  When asked if he has a sister, he is likely to answer ________; when asked if his sister has a brother, he is likely to answer _________.
yes; no
In a 1998 movie, a young girl finds that a flock of geese follows her wherever she goes because she was the first "object: they saw after they were born.  This is an example of
Joshua and Ann Bishop have a 13-month-old boyo.  According to Eriskon, thet Bishops'''' sensative, loving care of their child contributes to
the child''s sense of basic trust
Sixty-five-year-old Calvin cannot reasons as well as he could when he was younger.  More than likely, Calvin''s ________ intelligence has declined.
Sam, a junior in high school, regularly attends church because is family and friends think he should.  Which stage of moral reasoning is Sam in?
After a series of unfulfilling relationships, 30-year-old Carlos tells a friend that he doesn''t want to marry because he is afraid of losing his freedom and independence.  Erikson would say that Carlos is having difficulty with the psychosocial task of:
Intimacy vs. Isolation
In Piaget''s theory, changing an existing schema to incorporate new information.
Type of intelligence that relates to reasoning speedily and abstractly.
Process by which certain animals form attachments during a critical period
The developing person from 2 weeks through 2 months after conception.
Mental concepts or frameworks that organize information.
The first menstrual Period
Type of intelligence that reflects accumulated learning.
A childhood disorder marked by deficiences in communication and social interaction.
In Piaget''s theory, interpreting a new experience in terms of an existing schema.
The developing person from 9 weeks after conception until birth.
Principle that properties such a number or volume remain constante despite changes in apprearance.
Fertilized Human Egg
After a series of unfulfilling relationships, 30-year-old Carlos tells a friend that he doesn't want to marry because he is afraid of losing his freedom and independence.  Erikson would say that Carlos is having difficulty with the psychosocial task of:
Intimacy vs isolation
A branch of psychology that studies physical, cognitive, and social change throughout the life span
Developmental Psychology
The fertilized egg; it enters a 2 week period of rapid cell division and develops into an embryo.
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