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Individuals with Disabilities and Education improvement Act (IDEA) protects who? where?
protects children with disabilities in public education.
labeling clients as resistant because they don\'t make eye contact is known as what?
cultural encapsulation
when someone no longer belongs to their culture and doesn\'t fit in with the host culture, what is their acculturation level?
which identity development model includes Encounter, Immersion/emersion, and internalization.
cross\'s Nigrescence model
viewing clients from a universal perspective.
knowldge, awareness, and skills are a part of the ____________ model of multicultural counseling competence.
the most popular sexual identity development models was developed by
When highly acculturated individuals identify soley with the new culture and adapt new values of the dominant group.
mistakenly considered the model minority is.........
asain americans
largest latin american group is ..................
filial piety regarding family applies most closely to what cultural group?
asian americans
the degree of control individuals percieve they have over their environment is called what?
Locus of control
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) protects who? where?
all disabled persons from descrimination, in most settings.
when minority group members adopt the majority opinion so they fit in is called Tertiary oppression. this is also called _____________ oppression
An individual fidgeting during a counseling session is an example of what form of nonverbal communication.
kinesics- postures, body movements.
the faith that focuses on karma is..........
lacking resources due to an extenuating circumstance is known as ___________ poverty.
racial interaction where an individual of lower racial identity status holds more social power over someone else.
regression interaction
the view that ones own culture is superior to another is called.................
when an individual makes sense of a host cultures value system in relation to his own.
worldview that the environment acounts for action is know as what?
locus of responsibility
using counseling approaches specific to the clients culture
__________ are considered the fast growing racial and ethnic group
asian americans
arab americans comprise the ___________ percentage of the us population.
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