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Neonate ETT size?
small finger or weight based tape
Neonate fluid replacement?
Order of Neonate resuscitaion?
Tactile stimulation, BVM etc.
Main concern of child drowning?
Hypoxia and acidosis
How do you mix Dopamine and what is the dose?
Mix 400 mg in 250ml equals 1600mcg; 5-10 mcg/kg/min
What is the maintance drip to lidocane?
If a patient has symptomatic bradycardia with PVC's, what do you give first?
Atropine then lidocane
Side effects of lidocane?
numbness, muscle twitching and seizures
What do you do for 3rd degree heart blocks?
Treatment of Pulmonary Edema?
O2, lasix, NTG, morphine
Why is morphine given in Pulmonary Edema?
to decrease preload and promote vasodilation
What is Stridor?
High pitched sound, upper airway obstruction
What is Wheezing?
whistle sounds, asthma, croup, emphysema
What is Rales?
fluid in the lungs, bubbling type sounds
S&S of Heat exhaustion?
High fever, diaphoretic, tachycardic
S&S of Heat Stroke?
Dry skin, confusion/altered LOC, tachycardic then slowing heart rate, low BP,high body temp, seizures
What is Atropine and side effects?
parasympathetic blocker that may cause blurred vision and given in <0.5mg doses may cause further bradycardia
What is the Pituitary Gland?
pea shaped master gland
When using a BVM on a patient, what may be corrected first?
respiratory acidosis
What is the key to the body's buffering system?
What is abandonment?
leaving a patient without turning them over to someone of equal or higher standard of care
You synchronized cardioverte a patient and that patient becomes pulseless.  What do you do next?
unsync the monitor and defibrillate
After defibrillation the patient shows a NSR on the monitor, what do you do next?
check for a pulse
Where do you place a Macintosh blade?
in front of the valecula
Paralization at the nipple line is at what vertebrae?
S&S of spontaneous pneumothorax?
sudden, sharp chest pain, and dyspnea
S&S of tension pneumothorax?
SQ emphsema, no bfreath sounds, JVD
Treatment for tention pneumothorax?
Needle decompression, midclavicular between 2nd and 3rd rib
What can cause Pericardial tamponade (tramatic asphyxia)?
cause by compressing of the chest
S&S of pericardial tamponade?
JVD, distant heart tones, hypotension  aka Beck's triad
Routes Valiumcan be administered to children?
MVC bus vs chemical truck; what is the first thing you do?
scene size-up
What are the stress responses?
alarm, resistance, exhaustion
The order of packaging a patient wit a pneumothorax?
C-spine, BVM, needle decompression, transport, IV in route
What are the injuries you may see with a MVC when the patient goes "down and under"?
fractured femurs
Patient receiving blood transfusion has a reaction, what should you do?
stop the transfusion
S&S and when will a spontaneous abortion happen?
vaginal bleeding and painful; 1st trimester
S&S of appendicitis?
RLQ pain, low grade fever, nausea, vomiting; Mcburney's Point is common sight for pain, 1-2 inches above iliac crest in a direct line with umbilicus
S&S of spleen injury?
pain radiates to the left shoulder (Kerns)
S&S  and when you might see Abruptio placenta?
Painful dark blood from the vagina and 3rd trimester
Symptomatic patient with A-flutter w/2-1 conduction and patient is on Dig would you cardiovert?
No, because pt is on Dig and you dont know the onset time of A-flutter
Treatment for prolapsed cord?
insert fingers into vaginal opening keeping to cord away from the vaginal wall allowing circulation through the cord
Treatment for a nucal cord?
remove it cause it leads to fetal compromise; asphyxiation
At am MCI what is the first thing you should do?
Who do you treat first at an MCI?
altered mental status first them suspected spinal injuries last
What is Cushing's Triad?
Increased BP, decreased heart rate, irregular respiration
S&S of DKA
Kussmauls respirations(deep and rapid),polyuria, polydipsia, polyphagia, warm and dry skin, fruity breath odor, decreased LOC
What is orthopnea?
difficulty breathing while lying down.  Transport in the sitting position; COPD
What is supine hypotension?
Seen in pregnat women who lay flat on their backs.  Place in left lateral recumbent postion at 15 degrees
Signs of organophosphate poisoning?
salvating, diaphoretic, dilated pupils.  Use 2-5mg of atropine.
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