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Which vessels run alongside the phrenic nerve?
Pericardiophrenic vessels (branches of internal thoracic)
Which ribs are considered floating?
11, 12
Which ribs are considered atypical?
1, 2, 10, 11, 12
Which pleural recess is larger and why?
costomediastinal, cardiac notch
Which pleural recess gets filled in pleural effusion?
Which part of the parietal pleura covers the apex of the lung?
cervical pleura (cupola)
Which of the anterior intercostal arteries anastamoses with the posterior intercostal artery? What happens to the other anterior intercostal artery?
The superior anterior intercostal artery, the inferior one anastamoses with a collateral branch of the posterior intercostal artery
Which nerves provide sensory function to the skin of the front and lateral chest wall?
1st - 6th intercostal nerves
Which nerves provide sensory function for the skin of the abdomen?
7th - 11th intercostal and T12 (subcostal)
Which layer of pleura is insensitive to pain?
Which bronchus is the direct continuation of the trachea?
right principal
Which bronchus is longer and narrower?
left prinicpal
Where is pain from the costal, cervical, and peripheral part of diaphragmatic parietal pleura referred?
thoracic wall
Where is a thoracentesis performed?
8th/9th intercostal space in the midaxillary line
Where does lymph from the visceral pleura drain?
bronchopulmonary lymph nodes
Where do the posterior intercostal arteries branch from?
thoracic aorta
Where do the 8th, 9th, and 10th ribs articulate in the front?
7th costal cartilage
What vessels supply the visceral pleura?
pulmonary and bronchial vessels
What nerve innervates the mediastinal and central part of the diaphragmatic parietal pleura and where is the pain referred?
phrenic, shoulder
What is thoracic outlet syndrome?
sclalenus anterior spasm causes pressure on subclavian artery and brachal plexus
What is the point of reflection from visceral to parietal pleura?
pulmonary ligament
What is the lower border of the lung?
midclavicular line - 6th rib, midaxillary line - 8th rib, posteriorly - 10th rib
What is the intercostal nerve of T12 called?
What is the fissure separating the upper and middle lobe of the right lung called?
horizontal fissure
What is the fissure dividing the lower and upper lobe on the right lung called?
oblique fissure
What is special about the 2nd rib?
attachment of serratus anterior
What does the internal thoracic artery branch into in the upper six intercostal spaces?
Anterior intercostal arteries
What does the cephalic vein drain into?
axillary vein
What are the upper 7 ribs called?
true ribs
What are the two pleural recesses
? costomediastinal, costodiaphragmatic
What are the three components of the innermost intercostal layer?
Transverse thoracis, innermost intercostal membrane, subcostalis
What are the terminal branches of the internal thoracic artery (6th intercostal space)?
Musculophrenic, superior epigastric
What are the special characteristics of the 1st rib?
Groove for subclavian vein, groove for subclavian artery & brachial plexus
What are the layers of tissue in the thorax?
External intercostal, internal intercostal, innermost intercostal, endothoracic fascia, pleura
What are the highest structures in the hilum of the right and left lungs?
Left - pulmonary artery, Right - eparterial bronchus
What are the components of the rootof the lung?
Superior & inferior pulmonary veins, pulmonary artery, primary bronchus, anterior & posterior pulmonary plexus, bronchial arteries, lymph nodes
What are the 4 divisions of the parietal pleura?
Cervical (cupola), costal, diaphragmatic, mediastinal
The right lung has how many lobes?
The phrenic nerve provides motor function to the __________ and sensory function to which 3 P's?
diaphragm, pericardium, pleura, peritoneum
The internal thoracic artery is a branch of the _______ part of the _________ artery.
first, subclavian
The internal intercostal muscles becomes the internal intercostal membrane along its __________ attachment.
The Intercostal VAN run between the ________ and ________ layers of muscles.
internal, innermost
The groove for the arch and descending aorta are found in which lung?
The external intercostal muscle becomes the __________________ along the anterior sternal attachment.
external intercostal membrane
Name the impressions in the Right lung
cardiac, right braciocephalic vein and SVC
Name the 4 grooves of the left lung?
Aorta, 1st rib, left subclavian vein, left brachiocephalic vein,
Anterior cutaneous branches from which intercostal nerves supply the anterior chest wall?
1 - 6th
Anterior cutaneous branches from which intercostal nerves (along with the subcostal nerve) supply the skin of the anterior abdominal wall?
7th - 11th
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