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1. What are different function of skin?
Protection: physical, chemical , & immune. Thermal regulation (goose bump) Exretion: get rib of chemical through sweat. Synthesis of VitaminD: help absorb Calcium. Cutaneous Sensation: touch, pressure, itching.
2. Type of cells in the epidermis & their diferent functions?
A Keratinized stratified squamous epithelium contains 4 distinct type of cells: 1. Keratinocyte:produce karatin, a tough fibrous protein. 2. Melanocyts: protecting keratinocyte. 3. Merkel Cell: touch receptor. 4. Langerhans cells: with an immune function.
3. Different Strata or Layers of the epidermis & what is contained in those layers?
1. Stratum Corneum: 2. Lucidum.<-(thick) 3. Granulosum. 4. Spinosum. 5. Basale.
4. Understand between thin & thick skin?
Thick has 5 stratum, thin has only 4 stratum.
5. Review components of dermis & their functions?
Cutaneous Vascular: supply blood nutrient. and nervous. Eccrine(sudoriferous): sweat galnd. Sebaceos gland: oil. Arrector pili muscle: muscle pull hair straigh. Meissner's corpusle: response to touch. Dermis papillae: response pain. Pacinian Corpuscle: response to deep pressure. buld of krause:response to cold. Ruffini:response to warm.
6. Understand what subcutaneous tissue is. It it part of skin?
SubCutaneous is in hypodermis region. however this region contain a proper adipose, areolar tissue which supply energy. So it is techincally not part of skin.
7. What determines skin color?
Melanin: dark. Carotene: Yellow from food. Hemoglobin: oxygenated color
8. know the accessory structure of skin & their functions?
9. Understand the structure of hair & hair follicles?
1. Stratum Corneum:(Horney layer)- contains most layers, 30. 2. Lucidum:(clear layer) 3. Granulosum:(granular layer) 4. Spinosum:(spiny layer) 5. Basle:(basal layer)
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