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What is the significance black and green CB’s?
-Monitored (green) : When out for more than one minute, the C/B TRIPPED warning is triggered on the ECAM.
-Non-monitored (black)
What is the signifigance of the red caps on certain circuit breakers.
Wing Tip breakers, the red caps prevent them frm being pulled.
When would the AUDIO SWITCHING be used?
If audio channel 1 or 2 fails due to a failure in an ACP or the corresponding AMU, the crew can use the AUDIO SWITCHING selector to select the third audio channel.
What are the ADIRS?
The Air Data and Inertial Reference System (ADIRS) supplies temperature, anemometric, barometric and inertial parameters
What are some of the parameters the Air Data Reference System provides?
B arometric altitude
O verspeed warnings
A oa
T emps
S peed/mach
What are some of the parameters the IR provides?
F-A-T  H-A-A-G
F light path vector
A irplane position
T rack
H eading
A ttitude
A cceleration
G roundspeed
Explain the ADIRS Power-up and Initialization.
-Align on stationary aircraft, Engines off

Complete Align: 10 mins/ADIRS switches off>5 seconds/ON BAT light on for 5 secs/Uses gravity to determine attitude, true heading, present latitude 
Fast Align: 30 secs/ADIRS switches off
What is the importance of observing the ON BAT light?
To make sure ADIRU can be supplied by battery
Does the "ON BAT" light illuminate during a fast alingment?
What could cause the flashing white ALIGN light to illuminate on the ground?
Alignment fault (aircraft moved)
no position entered after 10 min
Shutdown and entered position differs by 1 deg lat or long
What are some indications of an ADIR having reverted to battery power on the ground?
ON BAT light illuminated. External Warning Horn and light on ext panel
    What is the significance of a steady FAULT light on the IR?
respective IR failure
    What is the significance of a flashing FAULT light on the IR?
Partial IR loss
ATT and Heading may be recovered by selecting ATT mode
    If #1 IR fault light illuminated steady, what are some of the important ECAM procedures that you would expect to see?
■ IR 1 FAULT :

Refer to the IR ALIGNMENT IN ATT MODE procedure.   IR 1
    If the AIR DATA portion of #1 ADIRU failed, what are some of the important ECAM procedures that you would expect to see?
ADR1 Fault
ADR!                .... OFF
    Can the ADR be turned OFF without losing the IR functions?
    Can the IR be turned OFF without losing the ADR functions?
No.  If you turn off the IR portion, you also lose to ADR functions.
What would a flight control consequence be when losing 2 IR's?
Normal law lost. No neutral static stability. All protections except maneuver protections lost.
    What type of flight control system does the A320 family aircraft utilize?
A-  Fly by wire.  More safe, cost effective, and pleasant to fly
    How are they controlled and activated?
A-  Electrically controlled and hydraulically activated.  Stabilizer and rudder can also be mechanically controlled
  How is NORMAL LAW indicated on the PFD?
A-  Green "tick marks“(= ) at the 67 degree bank angle point
  How is ALTERNATE LAW indicated on the PFD?
Amber "X"s replace the green tick marks at the 67 degree bank angle.
Airspeed displays replace alpha prot and alpha max speeds with red and black barber poles
  How is DIRECT LAW indicated on the PFD?
-"USE MAN PITCH TRIM" appears 
  How is MECHANICAL BACKUP indicated on the PFD?
A-  Red "MAN PITCH TRIM ONLY" appears 
What are the sidestick limitations in Mechanical backup?
It doesn't work?
  When operating in NORMAL LAW in FLIGHT mode, what does the side stick command for pitch and roll?
Load factor for pitch and rate of roll for roll
  What is the significance of the Side Stick Priority (Red Arrow) Light?
Illuminates in front of pilot losing authority. 
  Name the Flight Control Computers
A- ELAC   Elevator/Aileron computer
     SEC   Spoiler/Elevator computer 
     FAC   Flight augmentation computer
  What are the some of the ELAC functions? QRH should be referenced.
-Normal elevator and stabilizer control.  Aileron control
  What are some of the SEC functions? QRH should be referenced.
Spoiler control.  Standby elevator and stabilizer control  
  What does the SEC 3 control?
A- controls the #2 spoilers
Also controls #1 Spoilers (Ground Spoilers) per schematic on title slide, QRH)
  What are some of the FAC functions?
Y – Yaw Control
A – Airspeed Computation
W – Windshear protection
L – Low energy warning (airspeed computation?)
(plus Electrical rudder control)
  What should happen to the THS after landing?
Automatically sets to zero
  Explain the spoiler extension logic on landing For full extension For partial extension  
•Ground spoilers armed and both thrust levers idle, spoilers will automatically extend as soon as both main landing gear touch down. •If ground spoilers are not armed and both main gear have touched down, spoilers will extend as soon as reverse is selected on one engine. (the other engine remains idle)NOTE:  In autoland, spoilers extend at half speed one second after both main gear touch down.
Ground spoilers extend 10 degrees when reverse is selected on one engine (other engine idle) and one main gear strut is compressed.  This partial extension decreases the lift and eases the compression of the second gear and eventually full spoiler extension occurs.
  Explain the spoiler extension logic on a rejected takeoff
If spoilers are armed (normally armed for takeoff) and the speed exceeds 72 knots, then the spoilers will extend automatically once both thrust levers are set to idle
If spoilers are not armed and the speed exceeds 72 knots, then the ground spoilers will automatically extend as soon as reverse thrust is selected on one engine (the other thrust lever remains idle).
In normal law when descending through 50 feet the aircraft pitch is memorized. What happens when descending through 30 feet?
System reduces pitch to 2 degrees nose down over 8 seconds.
With the autopilot on, what speed brake lever position results in the max available spoiler surface extension? (A320)
Half or more on the speed brake level.
What altitude is alpha floor protection available from takeoff to touchdown in normal law?
From liftoff untill 100ft RA in approach.
  What is the significance of the red FAULT illuminating on the RAT & EMER GEN light?
Fault light comes on red if the emergency generator is not supplying power when AC BUS 1 and AC BUS 2 are not powered.
  When would it normally illuminate?
In flight with the loss of all main generators during the rat extension and emergency generator coupling.
If the rat stalls or on the ground below 100 knots in both cases the batteries power the aircraft.
  How can the RAT be deployed?
By pressing the guarded RAT MAN ON Pb switch on the overhead HYD panel.
or by Rat Man On on emer elec panel
  What does the RAT supply?
The RAT powers the blue hydraulic system which drives the emergency generator by means of a hydraulic motor.
  What buses are powered by the emergency electrical generator?
DC ESS Bus (via ess tr)
DC ESS Shed Bus
AC ESS Shed Bus
  What is the difference between the Automatic RAT deployment and RAT deployed by pressing the RAT MAN ON on the HYD panel?
The automatic deployment initializes the emergency generator. The RAT MAN ON Pb on the HYD panel only powers the blue system, but does not allow the emergency generator to power anything.  GCU remains open with the RAT MAN ON Pb selected.
  After deploying the RAT by pressing the RAT MAN ON pushbutton on the HYD panel and it became necessary to also extract electrical power, how it be accomplished?
On the EMER ELEC PWR panel press the Guarded RAT MAN ON button.
  What would cause the GEN 1 LINE SMOKE light to illuminate?
The light illuminates amber when smoke is detected in the avionics ventilation duct. 
  ECAM procedure directs the GEN 1 LINE PB to OFF. What is accomplished?
GEN 1 line contactor opens and AC BUS 1 is supplied from GEN 2 through bus tie contactors. gen 1 still powers i fuel pump in each tank
With a GEN 1 Line smoke indication, would the pilot expect the ECAM/QRH to direct landing in the Emergency Electric Configuration?
Yes if the source is suspected to be avionics and cannot be identified and rectified. Emer Elec should be considered.
Which RMP's work during Emergency Electric Configuration?
RMP 1 only
  Why is the GND CTL PB selected to ON during preflight?
FAR 121.359 requires all checklists to be recorded by the CVR.
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